Sunday, 11 June 2023

Johnny Price [A Tribute to Johnny Cash] w/ Tena Wildfang [A Tribute to Patsy Cline] & Roger Anderson Gordon Lightfoot & Rajko-Billy

5 pm doors, 6 pm show

$22 advance or $25 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Johnny Price (A Tribute to Johnny Cash)

Johnny Price (A Tribute to Johnny Cash)

As a child Ray was fascinated by anything what has to do with Elvis. In his late teen's he started performing Reno casinos like the MGM not including theaters like the Red Rose or the Pioneer. In 1997 Ray signed with Jamie's Rock'n'Roll Legends and started his career as a Buddy Holly tribute through out the USA. As a singer and guitar player he advanced his performance writing his own music and in 2017 after many years performing the professional industry Ray started a tribute to Johnny Cash. With natural voice, look's and height he is considered to be one of the Top Johnny Cash tributes in the world as Johnny Price on stage.

About Tena Wildfang

Tena Wildfang

Born in the Pasific Northwest, Tena Wildfang was introduced to music by her Mother through the music of Patsy Cline. She did not realize her Musical ability's as a singer till she was 21 years old when one of her first gig's was performing for Pope Benedict in the Vatican 2012. Everywhere she goes she get's standing novations for her incredable strong voice. She has performed at the Emerald Valley Opera and several fairs and Festivals throughout many years. In 2018 she even performed on stage with Martina Mcbride at the Lane County Fairgrounds. In Oct 2022 Tena was honored to perform at the National Patsy Cline Convention in Winchester, Va! Patsy Cline's Daughter Julie Fudge anounced that Tena got the closest voice to Patsy Cline ever! Her show is a Must See for any music fan!

About Roger Anderson (Gordon Lightfoot)

Roger Anderson (Gordon Lightfoot)

Roger Anderson has been a lover of Music his whole life coming from a very musical family. He has been a musician for 25 years. Roger has also been an award-winning Elvis tribute artist for 15 years. It's his love for older music that led to him discovering the late great Gordon Lightfoot! After hearing the song "Sundown" when he was a child, he later fell in love with Gordon's storytelling songs, his beautiful baritone voice and that 12-string guitar sound! He pays tribute to Gordon Lightfoot with his heart in every word of Gordon's songs!

About Rajko-Billy


Rajko is a international singer and songwriter born is Serbia 1974! He started his professional music career with the age of 8 as a professional dancing student finishing up his dancing career as one of the best in Europe before being hit by a train at the age of 11. Moving to Germany as a kid he got intruduced to AMERICANA sounds including his favorite artists simply out of the Rockabilly SUN RECORDS label like Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and manny more. Rajko started playing guitar with the age of 14 still recovering his inguries being focus on writing his own music. With the age of 17 he was invited by top artists in German to produce a record at the B-Cause studios based on his high class music recording skills. The second album fallowed with more uniqe Rock'n'Roll tunes being writen and more touring and studio time while atempting college music lessons daily till the age of 22. The fallowing 5 years Rajko dedicated his life to write more music and to move to the USA with the age of 26 as a proud dad and family man. His career in the USA changed towards road managing and concert promotion as a booking agent between Europe and the US till COVID but he still found some time to record his 3rd album FROM STUTTGART TO AMERICA! During COVID Rajko started a FILM project performing as an actor in his own music videos that he co-directed and wrote the scrpt for. Rajko also had a chance to make his dream come true recording in 2007 at SUN RECORDS becoming a member of the historycle Rock'a'Billy family that gave birth to Rock'n'Roll world wide! During his busy schedule Rajko aperes very rarely live on stage and with the age of 48 he is writing and recording his last record! After writing a few hundred songs during his life time and recording profesionally material for more then 10 records including soundtracks RAJKO-BILLY is looking forward having a beer with you and he enjoy the show! It's simply RAJKO-BILLY!

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