Thursday, June 29, 2023


Kalama Harbor Lodge - Westin Amphitheater



All ages welcome

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About Playtonics


Playtonics is a band with a range of influences which is wider than most since we're composed of three different generations of serious musicians. Denny Foreman (our English graduate) is from the ‘Me' generation and brings a 70s sensibility & love of language to the songs, while Paige Hansen (jazz DJ at KNKX) hails from the singer-songwriter 90s era & has a devotion to pointed lyrics and dissonance. Brady McCowan (our music major, music director and virtuoso) has emo & indie influences which strike a stark contrast with his love of woodwinds & jazz. Add top notch jazz drummer Tom Hume & punk rocker bassist Stephanie Jones & you have the final ingredients of technique & emotional push.