Wednesday, 07 June 2023

Grit City Pickers w/ The Pine Hearts & Judd Wasserman

6 pm doors, 7 pm show

$10 advance or $15 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Grit City Pickers

Grit City Pickers

Grit City Pickers are a Tacoma, Wa based group in the bluegrass/folk tradition that grew organically from outdoor jams on the saltwater shoreline meadows of Chambers Bay in 2020. The GCP are a blend of high energy traditional bluegrass and originals with a few choice cuts from the Grateful Dead added in to create their own brand of sweet mountain music.

About The Pine Hearts

The Pine Hearts

The Pine Hearts first formed in the early 2010's as a traditional-leaning folk and bluegrass trio, establishing bandleader and guitarist Joey Capoccia's distinct picking flair and alt-Americana songwriting style after long-running stints in classic Olympia, WA bands such as The Pasties and The Blackberry Bushes, culminating in the albums Distant Lights (2013) and Winter on Orcas (2013). In the fall of 2015 came their successive album, Thin Walls (2015), which took a decidedly more country bent, enlisting a wider variety of instruments while honing their roster of dense, powerful tunes, imbued with themes of love and of loss. In 2016, two permanent members joined the fold ~ fast-picking mandolinist Derek McSwain (formerly of the trad-bluegrass powerhouse The Oly Mountain Boys) and genre-defying upright bassist Dean Shakked. All three are accomplished vocalists in their own rights, allowing for lush, complex three-part vocal harmony to give new depth and dimension to the band's lyrical melodies.

2018 saw the release of Carousel, a return to classic Nashville bluegrass sensibilities, followed shortly after by 2019’s Back To Sustain, a live album recorded direct to tape inside an old grange hall on the outskirts of Olympia, which featured rerecorded and stripped-down versions of the band’s favorite original tunes. Looming on the horizon is 2022’s upcoming release Lost Love Songs, the most mature and fully-developed album of The Pine Hearts’ career, featuring a more deliberate and polished sound to complement their finest collection of songs yet.

About Judd Wasserman

Judd Wasserman

Judd Wasserman is a singer-songwriter, looper, and collaborator out of Seattle. With perfect pitch, great guitar playing, and a knack for writing a good song, there's a lot to like about Judd's performance. Judd's music has been described as "Cat Stevens with more interesting guitar" (Slim Moon), and "Unlike anything else you may have heard coming out of the Northwest" (Rain City Collective).

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