Friday, April 21, 2023

Brad Parsons

Grand Lodge - Garage Door

7pm to 10 pm


All ages welcome

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About Brad Parsons

Brad Parsons


When Brad Parsons steps out on a stage, it's not long before he overpowers a roaring crowd. With little but his voice and an acoustic guitar, Parsons channels raucous energy into original songs that are as hopeful as they are heart-wrenching. Parsons is a Portland-based singer-songwriter with folk-rock roots extending to Idaho. After collaborating on albums with several bands in the Northwest, Parsons released his first solo EP in June 2012. The EP, "Anywhere the River Runs", showcases Parsons' vocal power, vivid lyricism, and infectious melodies. After picking up guitar and drums in his early teens, Parsons studied creative writing in college along with the songwriting of Jeff Tweedy, Townes Van Zandt and Neil Young. "I'm not an art house songwriter. I try to make my songs simple," Parsons says, citing influences from the early Beatles. "I try to write songs that are as real as possible, songs that people can understand." Parsons' discography includes The Bellboys' eponymous 2009 EP and their 2011 album, "I'll Be Here All Night". Parsons also wrote and performed with The Villains (now known as Rose City Thorns) on "Meat" in 2009. Parsons will also be featured on "Hole-Hearted Fools", a full-length southern rock album that is in production with Fruition String Band.