Saturday, 04 March 2023

Forest Ray

Sons Of The Force

Bad With Birds

6pm doors, 7pm show

$15 advance or $20 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Forest Ray

Forest Ray

Forest Ray experiments in the analog and psychedelic, combining guitar driven psych rock with elements of raw synth-laced post-punk, Americana, garage and organ-laden pop. Following in the footsteps of Pacific Northwest greats from The Sonics to The Kingsmen, Forest Ray brings a new spin to the classic garage lineup but with the same youthful punk spirit. The songs regularly feature flute and vibraphone which have become staples of the group's brand of psych. Their uninhibited performances and analog recording process have bred dark, nostalgic and intimate recordings that almost feel as if they’ve come from another era.

About Sons Of The Force

Sons Of The Force

Sons of the force are an original rock band from Tacoma, Washington that was formed in 2019 after a spirited basement jam session resulted in rehearsal spaces booked and songwriting sleeves rolled up. Having a wide and varied palette of influences leads them to have a fresh and dynamic approach to familiar themes. A listen to Sons Of The Force live or to their debut album Visiting Hours (released mid-February 2023), is equal parts a trip down memory lane and newly inspired. Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Psychedelic, Blues, Jazz, Grunge and Pop sensibilities are woven into a package that is interesting, yet familiar. Some songs adhere to precise formulas, and others offer opportunity for improvisation, creativity and risk. Their songs contain both interesting rhythms and melodies. Hooks abound with both. They'll be releasing their new album Visiting Hours the night of the show!

Scott Elder and Kennith Asher have played music together for close to 30 years off and on. They were originally involved together in a band that existed in the 90's called Polarity Runes. That was where they both learned to stretch concepts of songwriting a beyond the norm, with very lengthy jams, while retaining some conventional aspects of catchiness.

Scott Elder, the lead guitar player has been playing and writing music for over 30 years. His influences run the gamut from country blues players, classic rock staples, indie rock, country, Jazz and funk. He is considered the provider of color and texture to the soundscape with use of effects and considers tone and harmony key functions of achieving this.

Kennith Asher, their drummer, has a jazz background and always has a mindset of stretching and bending rhythms into pockets that are completely suitable, yet are clearly coming from beyond conventional. He is the member of the band who is always asking the question of an idea, ‘Does this suit the song's intention?'. He can take a straightforward idea and make it sound new and exotic. His influences range from Avant Garde jazz to modern indie rock and everything in between. People with original takes on ideas always attract him.

Darrick Hartman is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Darrick Hartman has been writing songs since the 1980s and has been performing them consistently since. Whether it's an open mic, collaboration, a full blow band like Sons Of The Force, or listening to his vast collection of vinyl, he is very musically focused. One look at his record collection shows that his tastes are very dynamic ranging from classical music to modern rock. He never misses out of an opportunity to own classic albums. He is very immersive in his love for music. It is clearly enjoyed by him one side at a time.

Miguel Hungria plays bass in the band. He is Puerto Rican by decent and bring many influences to the band. These influences range from Latin salsa music to heavy metal. He has been involved in many projects over the years and has appeared on several recordings ranging the breadth of his musical influence. He really enjoys the challenge of finding original parts that accompany Ken's drumming and song structures that are wide ranging.

About Bad With Birds

Bad With Birds

Bad With Birds is a Seattle-based rock band bringing the Emerald City sound into the 2020s. With influences in grunge, metal, blues, funk, and punk, Bad With Birds features a groove-heavy rhythm section, bluesy guitar licks over distorted riffs, and soaring vocals. Starting as a collaboration project between brothers Pat and Matt Leaver, Bad With Birds officially formed in 2020 when they recruited guitarist Vaughn Rohrdanz. Vaughn's blues background put a new spin on the brothers' music, adding distinctive melodies and solo sections over Pat's brooding riffs. After going through a few drummers, the trio finally landed on Wes Hampson in 2021. Wes's powerful drumming, affinity for odd time, and ability to lock in with Matt's funky bass lines pushed the band to a new level of creative cohesion. The four-piece's self-titled EP was released in August 2021 as well as singles in 2022 and 2023.

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