Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Brittany Danielle + Amy Bleu + David Johnson and Christopher Gray at Spanish Ballroom

6pm doors, 7pm show

$10 advance, $10 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Brittany Danielle

Brittany Danielle

Danielle, who has played in popular bands in Seattle like Purr Gato, graced stages like The Tractor Tavern and those abroad in cities as far away as Germany, has worked in children's theater and performed in musicals, too. She's a quilt of experience held with uneasy stitching. At times her songs sound like a stroll down a city street, others like the corners of your consciousness. Standouts include the unburdening, "Hindsight," and sauntering, "Nothing." But don't fret. In the end, of course, she's got the world dancing on a line.

About Amy Bleu


Amy Bleu

Amy Bleu is a writer, musician, social worker, mother and (mostly) retired model. Her work has appeared in magazines such as BUST, and in anthologies such as Quarter Passed and Flatmancrooked's Slim Volume of Contemporary Poetics. In My Secret Life is her first novel. Bleu is currently working on non-fiction, poetry and music.

Bleu is frequently touring the west coast, and also does booking for several other artists in the Northwest, as an agent through her booking & record label, Veritable Vagabond. She lives in Portland, Ore. with her son and her cat.




About David Johnson & Christopher Gray

David Johnson & Christopher Gray

David has been writing music since 2003 and performing since 2012 Christopher Gray plays fretless electric bass and stand up bass; he adds warmth and texture to David's material, bringing the stories color and vibrance. Colleagues who have worked with David in the studio have, independently of each other, described his music as "vulnerable". (Conrad Uno of Seattle's former Egg Studios) Heartfelt, offbeat and occasionally visceral, his music lays his heart bare. His style has been likened to Nick Drake, Joan Baez and Elliot Smith, Styx (the ballads), etc. With material that brings light to his own experiences while leaving room for listeners to draw parallels of their own, hearing his music recorded or live is a unique experience.

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