Sunday, February 19, 2023

INSIDE SCOFIELD presented by PDX Jazz and McMenamins

Kennedy School - Kennedy School Theater

2:30pm doors, 3pm movie


All ages welcome

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Don't miss jazz themed cocktails at both the Theater and Detention Bar.

About Inside Scofield

Inside Scofield

INSIDE SCOFIELD is the in-depth portrayal of the life of acclaimed musician John Scofield. Entirely narrated by himself, Scofield takes us on an inspiring trip into the mind and soul of one of today's greats of contemporary jazz. Shaped and inspired by Scofields work, the film is a celebration of his creative impact, friendship, free communication and courage towards human imperfection, an essential element in jazz.

From fast-paced life on the road, to a secluded life at home in Katonah, to memorable times in his old neighborhood in New York, where jazz moved to another level and where he kicked off his career. Along the way Scofield provides answers to the important questions of music: What is improvization? What has changed over the last 40 years of constant touring around the globe as a "Road Dog;" how has this change affected the music and how can one sustain its quality?

Its an incredibly close portrayal of the devotion it takes to maintain a career in music, while appreciating being a human playing together with other humans.

The film features performers from this years Jazz Festival: Dave Holland, Bill Frisell and Jon Cleary as well as prior PDX Jazz event and Festival artists John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Gerald Clayton, Joe Lovano and Vicente Archer.

PDX Jazz is honored to have presented the legendary John Scofield multiple times in Portland with the most recent standout performance at The Reser on April 23, 2022 with Vicente Archer, Jon Cowherd and Josh Dion.



Over the course of his long and successful musical career, John Scofield crossed paths with like-minded greats such as Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Gerry Mulligan, Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson and Chet Baker. With his unique style and sound he became one of today's most influential master guitarists and composers of jazz and fusion music. His œuvre includes jazz, funk, rock and blues music. Reflecting on his long career, he calls himself a road dog, a jazz term for musicians with a long touring history.


Joerg Steineck is a German filmmaker, cinematographer, editor, writer and painter. His films have been well-received and awarded at international film festivals by a global audience. As an independent filmmaker he has developed a distinctive, unconventional style of storytelling and realization, which is often characterized by contrasting naturalistic and stylistic elements to emphasize each others significance. His documentaries often focus on cultural and social commitment and its impact on society. Inside Scofield is his third completely self-produced feature-length music documentary.