Friday, March 17, 2023

St. Patrick's Day Celebration at Kalama Harbor Lodge

Kalama Harbor Lodge

Live music at 7pm

All ages welcome

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About St. Patrick's Day Celebration

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

The leprechauns are on our side, bringing us rainbows and merriment for St. Patrick's Day. Join us for multiple days of food & drink specials, McMenamins own Irish Stout, live music and plenty of hijinks.

Live Music and Entertainment

Friday, March 17

Magellan * 7pm

Saturday, March 18

Cloudshine * 7pm

About Magellan


Magellan is a Boston-bred, Olympia-based indie folk artist that has yet to give the same performance twice. Songwriter Shady Grove is an intimate performer, often alone on the stage with a keyboard, guitar, or no instrument at all (but plenty of sound). At times, their shows have
consisted of traditional songs, intricate acoustic ballads, no wave improvisations, and freak pop stylings complete with idiosyncratic choreography.

Deeply inspired by a breadth of folk musicians, experimental artists, and pop idioms, their sound is diverse but always conveys a fascination with language, nature, and human connection. Shady grew up listening to their great-grandmother sing Irish lullabies, and their own music has been influenced by a love of jigs and Celtic ballads.