Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Alcyon Massive

Old St. Francis School - Father Luke's Room

6pm - 9pm


All ages welcome

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About Alcyon Massive

Alcyon Massive

With a musical career spanning over 15 years in the Pacific Northwest, Alcyon Massive has become a name synonymous with musical innovation and spiritual exploration, fusing hip-hop, roots rock, folk and reggae into a massively good time. Fans come from far away to sing along to the all original live music set, to vibe and interact with the scene that gathers, and dance to the high energy that Alcyon brings.

Alcyon, aka Charlie Blake, is a producer and songwriter who has released four studio albums. 2009's "Dreaming the World Awake" drew immediate attention with songs that resonated with the local music scene like "Vibrations" and "Ain't it Fresh," the latter receiving radio play state-wide and national exposure on NPR. 2012's follow-up release "Dreadication" included fan favorites "Oregon Sunset" and "As Above, So Below," which further cemented his career and expanded his exposure on Spotify, Pandora and iTunes. 2019's "Soul Science" was released to critical acclaim online and at festivals, with a successful supporting tour. In 2022, Alcyon released his latest album, Kykeon, and has shows planned along the West Coast for a 2022 Spring Tour.

Also a prolific visual artist, Charlie works his visual art into the stage show and the bands iconography, designing all the merchandise for the group including countless handpainted hats and unique drawings. Known for his exuberant and abundant enthusiasm onstage and off, Charlie excels in crowd interaction and keeping the crowd dancing and engaged.

Among offical and unofficial videos on YouTube, the top 10 YouTube video views for "Alcyon Massive" total at 379k, 137k, 100k, 89k, 88k, 59k, 57k,54k, 48k, 34k respectively.

Alcyon Massive has performed at many venues inlcuding theaters and community concerts. The band is blessed to have played 10 times at the Oregon Country Fair, as well as notable gatherings Earth Dance, Seattle Hempfest, Reggae on the River, other regional Hemp-Fests and barter faires, and many more festivals in support of organic culture, positivity, enlightenment, community and the human spirit.