Thursday, 27 October 2022

Smokey Brights + The Weather Machine + VNTA at Spanish Ballroom

Doors at 6, Show at 7

$16 adv or $20 DOS

All ages welcome

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About Smokey Brights

Fleetwood Psych

Smokey Brights

Perseverance through troubled times has a subtle shine and Seattle's Smokey Brights have been shining through these times with songs of hope, determination, compassion, defiance and love. The very first band signed to Seattle label Freakout Records, the group quickly released a number of albums and a slew of singles while simultaneously hitting the road, playing across the US and Europe. A new record was ready to be released and a year of tours booked to support it, but the dark cloud of 2020 came down and, well, no one said perseverance was easy. Smokey Brights shined on, releasing the album I Love You But Damn in July of 2020. The record quickly garnered rave reviews and the support of independent radio, eventually landing on KEXP's top albums of the year. Confined to their rehearsal space the group kept grinding, hammering out new material and honing their performance to a razor's edge. When live music came back, Smokey Brights were ready. They hit the stage with a passion, unleashing their ecstatic rock anthems to eager audiences across the Pacific NW, culminating in a triumphant set at Freakout Fest. Along the way, they dropped a pair of singles, Honey Eye and Unity, documenting their commitment to social justice and collective action, and earning them features in Rolling Stone France, American Songwriter, and The Big Takeover.

Fronted by married songwriting duo Kim West and Ryan Devlin, the bands melodies and harmonies exude intimacy. The swirling synths of keyboardist/vocalist West cut through the heaviness of Devlin's fuzzed out guitars like a neon sign in the night. Bassist Luke Ragnar fills in the bottom end with stylishly inventive bass lines that perfectly compliment Nick Krivchenia's grounded and authoritative drums. With Ragnar's voice in the mix, the band's hallmark three part harmonies radiate. Lyrically, Devlin and West trade off telling personal stories of doubt and existential anxiety, while always keeping a hopeful eye to the future. Devlin's gravel filled voice alongside West's honey dipped melodies is a shot of raw whiskey spiking a cherry soda. The resulting alchemy is performed with a professional aplomb that not only highlights Smokey Brights stellar musicianship, but the genuine passion and love the group has for their music, each other, and their audience. A Smokeys show is rife with dancing, dad jokes, monstrous guitar solos, and the best thrift shop fashion from across the world. Asses will be shook, hearts will be beautifully broken, and bartenders will be tipped. Also, their merch guy is hot.

Smokey Brights are primed, their sweaty-but-stylish live performance soon to be bolstered by a new record and a year of touring across the globe. Explore for links to live videos, touring calendar, and more.


About The Weather Machine

The Weather Machine

"Applecore," The Weather Machine's fourth studio album, is much bigger than anything they've ever made. This is by design. Produced by Tucker Martine in Portland, Oregon, "Applecore" finally captures the rollicking energy, precision, and depth that Weather Machine live shows are known for. Out this November, it will be a treat to any longtime fan or newcomer. At first listen, the songs are fun. Tracks like "Protection" and "Boxes" contain cheeky musical reference to retro psychedelia, while also remaining grounded in catchy pop rhythms. Songs like "Uncle John" and "Applecore Part II" revel in the gaudy arena rock its creators grew up on. Dig a little deeper though, andthe somes become beautifully bittersweet. Beneath the surface, Applecore is thematically rooted in questions about the soul, as Smith examines his own connection to an America that he sees as both shadowy and sparkling. The creative contradiction may be best summed up in the final words of the record: "The world's gonna end, and when it does I want to be in it. In the dust and the rain and all of the negative space. And if the world's gonna end, I want to be here with you in it, and not in my head" Two years after recording, their album is finally seeing the light of day as Smith returns to the Pacific Northwest to release and tour the new Weather Machine record with his bandmates. This momentous tour celebrates ten years of friendship and growth together, and the band cannot wait to share it with you.



About VNTA


Tacoma-Based duo Kramer Foreman and Annika Fraga are the artists behind this unique, R&B-inspired band. Powered by smooth guitar solos and strong vocal melodies, this band has a timeless sound that rocks every stage they've been on! Now performing their debut album at the Spanish Ballroom this October!

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