Saturday, October 1, 2022


Grand Lodge

Live music starting at 2pm

Free to attend

All ages welcome

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About Oktoberfest



Oktoberfest means celebration and beer - so we're serving up tasty German-style specials, our Oktoberfest lager, Kummel Kraut made right here in our Fermentation Chamber, and live music as a backdrop to it all.

German-style ales available at Pat's Corner & Ironwork Grill.

Food Specials

The Kaiser salad
King October Hammerhead Brat
Oktoberfest Plate

McMenamins Oktoberfest Lager

Celebrate a longtime tradition with a traditional beer. We make this lager only once each year for our Oktoberfest celebrations – but it’s great for drinking anytime or place! Turn up the accordion, pour a pint in the autumn sun, and celebrate harvest season and beer.

Live Music

2-4pm * Audra Nemir
5-7pm * Rosa Linda
8-10pm * Jeshua Marshall & The Flood

About Audra Nemir

Audra Nemir

Whether effortlessly charming an audience with her unmistakable wit and authentic repartee or contributing a zinger of a lyric to a friend's song, Audra is more than a musician--she is a true storyteller. To experience Audra's live show is to feel hopeful and energized like you just made a new and special friend. In fact, she is so relatable that it may be tempting to underestimate her. But when she opens her mouth to sing, out comes a rich, textured tone reminiscent of Dinah Shore and other great jazz vocalists. And just when you think you've assigned her to a musical genre, she launches into some raspy blues notes or stirring folk stylings.

Along her winding road, Audra Nemir has been a contractor, a waitress, a Berkeley grad student, an environmental engineer, and a touring musician. She experiences life with openness, notices the interstitial places where the human experience is most potent, and illuminates them with universally relatable songs.

Audra is handy and resourceful, both in work and life. She supports herself by building things in her community, having taught herself the art of construction. Nothing is out of reach, and she brings this spirit of hard-working curiosity to her music. When she uses her trademark humor to ask the audience a question, the listeners-already won over by her charm-respond joyfully, enjoying the banter, dissolving any remaining barrier between artist and audience. That's the kind of performer Audra is--she is a singer-songwriter of the best and rarest kind: one who captures your busy mind and shows you how to slow down, feel, heal, and know that it's all going to be ok.



About Rosa Linda

Rosa Linda

Rosa Linda & Frank are a Latinx/Indigenous duo from Portland, Oregon who formed in 2015. Their unique sound is attributed to their Indigenous (Dine, Kawaik, & Mexica) and Latin heritage alike; pulling from a wide range of genres ranging from Blues, R&B, Indie, Pop, to Soul.

About Jeshua Marshall & The Flood:

Jeshua Marshall & The Flood:

At 16, Jeshua Marshall formed the grimy, fast, and loud punk band Larry And His Flask. Larry later morphed into one of the most instrumental Folk-Punk bands of their era, touring relentlessly and influencing the genre permanently. At the closing of Larry And His Flask in 2019, Jeshua immediately poured himself head over heels into the next chapter of his musical life. He began focusing on forming his smooth, centered, and rough around the edges vocal style, and honing in on his honest and reflective lyrics. Jeshua released his debut solo album ‘Shoot The Moon' in the midst of the pandemic in September 2021. He continues to grow his fanbase in the states and internationally with over one-hundred-thousand streams on Spotify and Youtube. Jeshua recently received the Best New Artist award from People's Choice Award in his home of Bend, OR, and has shared the stage with artists like Dirtwire, Fishbone, Willy Tea Taylor, Possessed by Paul James, Bridge City Sinners and more.