Friday, October 14, 2022

Bailey Allen Baker

Jake Rozier

Anderson School - Thorndike Room

7 - 10 pm


All Ages Welcome

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About Bailey Allen Baker

Bailey Allen Baker

Bailey Allen Baker was born in Coeur d Alene, ID, and besides a short three-year stint in Portland, OR; he's lived there his whole life. He grew up loving alternative music and taught himself how to play the bass in order to play in his friend's metal band in middle school. Since then, he's been slowly sharpening his chops, picking up a few different instruments, and honing his favorite facet of art, writing. All of this effort culminated in his debut release "Palish Landscape". A swampy western album that comes as a result of his love for Gram Parsons, Marty Robbins, John Prine, and all the greats of the singer/songwriter era of the mid-century up to today. In the near future, he hopes to sharpen his songwriting and keep playing shows. In the further future, he'd like to stop cooking for a living.

About Jake Rozier

Jake Rozier

Since their emergence in early 2021, Jake Rozier and his band, the Implication, have been gaining traction throughout the Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho regions, relentlessly and unapologetically attacking difficult topics, primarily those involving addiction. The aggressive honestly; not only in their music, but their demeanor as a whole, serves as a metaphorical breath of fresh air for the listener and offers something more than the typical escapism that is often sought out by many music-goers. Jake offers a sense of acceptance, objectivity, and compassion that has undoubtedly contributed to the small, yet extremely loyal following that he and his group have managed to build. Over the course of last year, the three piece all-acoustic group successfully played and promoted several dozen shows, along with recently releasing their first single together, Apartment Five, in November.