Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Space Whales

Space Whales

Founded in 2019, Space Whales is a psychedelic foursome that creates vast soundscapes with an exploratory bent. Blending elements of funk, jazz, blues, fusion and good ol’ fashioned rock’n’roll, they curate dynamic performances that marry loose improvisation with exacting performance and memorable songs. Known for their unique style varying from atmospheric space to smoking jacket jazz to guitar riffs you thought you heard on an early 70’s rock record, Space Whales will keep audiences on their feet and leave them begging for more.

About Golden Ruins

Golden Ruins

Golden Ruins is earthy psychedelic soul rock that is raggedy around the cuffs and denim patched on the butt.

Its alligator boots held together with 100 mph duct tape.

Tight music with enough space for the ghosts of Duane Allman and Elmore James to electric slide right on through.

The group sounds tight as a tick and at the same time sounds like the whole damn band is gonna fall off the stage in unison!

About The Groovy Nobody

The Groovy Nobody

The Groovy Nobody sound resides somewhere between a reinvented past and a distant future, painting with sounds reminiscent of the early 60's and 70's psychedelic and garage rock movements in a contemporary revival. Introducing a newly acquired second drummer, this now five-piece band of Seattle hailing psychoactive vibration makers, curate a live experience of songs flowing seamlessly between each-other like a cascading stream of never ending musical consciousness. Intertwined between loose improvisational jams, and tightly composed song passages, The Groovy Nobody's aim is to provide an exemplary experience of what Neo-Psychedelia is all about.

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