Saturday, September 24, 2022


Anderson School

Live music starting at 1pm

All ages welcome

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About Oktoberfest



Whether you’re German or not, you'll have a wundervoll time at our party with beer - so much delicious beer. Prost!

Live Music

1-3:30pm * Oompah Machine
4-6:30pm * Kyle & Darin Band
7-10pm * The Lost and Found

About Oompah Machine

Oompah music

Oompah Machine

The Oompah Machine was formed in the wake of a disastrous flood that saw both an accordion and a tuba washed up onto the lawn. We put off learning how to play as long as we could. But the tuba only has three buttons, so how hard can it be, really? Same with that other horn the lady plays - is there a name for that thing? It's not a trombone, right? Turns out you can fake playing accordion pretty convincingly by watching videos online. You just, like, squeeze it in and move your hand back and forth on the keyboard looking part, and then sorta un-squeeze it back out.

So now we tour extensively, stumbling our way through beer halls and beer tents and biergartens all around this great land. Audiences are reliably drunk, so no one seems to notice we're no good, and we never have to ask for a recommendation letter. What's not to love? If it all comes crashing down around us some day, well, it's been a great ride. Meantime, can I use 2 drink tickets for a pitcher? Prost!


About Kyle & Darin

Kyle & Darin The Kyle and Darin Band are a piano, and acoustic guitar combo, from the Olympia area. Inspired by Seattle’s era of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana, they cover songs by those artists and a variety of others such as Matchbox 20, Bush, Weezer, Tonic, and Fuel. Also all the way back in time to Led Zepplin and The Beatles. With their 10+ years of experience performing live individually, the Kyle and Darin Band bring high energy, passion and love of music to the stage.

About The Lost And Found

The Lost And Found Lose your mind and find your groove. The Lost and Found takes you back to the care free days of yesteryear. Whether that time was the 50s, the 80s, the 2000s or anywhere in between, The Lost and Found will have you vibing and singing along to your favorites. Like the British Invasion? - You’ll Twist N Shout for sure! Y’all prefer that Nashville style? You’ll be Boot Scootin’! Funk is your groove? Let’s go Uptown with the Lost and Found! Bring your friends out for the party and cut loose. And don’t forget your dancing shoes!