Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Stage Antics

Stage Antics

Stage Antics is a local PNW grunge band based in Tacoma, deriving from influences like Nirvana, and the other "Seattle" sounds. The members consist of Evander Suju on guitar & vocal, ClayGregg on guitar, Brandon Garrison on bass and Dalton Haegele (Tom Bauer former) on drums. Stage Antic's music brings back the fiery 90's sound and a chill wave of groovy basslines, dissonant verses and whatever else gives alternative music its name. Stage Antic's goal is to appreciate the old grunge sound, and bring about a revival in today's mainstream music that rocked the 90's

About Stargazy Pie

Stargazy Pie

Since 2019, Stargazy Pie has electrified the stage with power-pop music loaded with strong melodies, sing-along choruses, shredding guitar solos, and rapid-fire drumming. Although the average age of the band members is 17, there are years of performance experience amongst them. Their drummer, Sulli, had his first show at 8. Three of Stargazy Pie's songs have won awards from music programs in Washington state. Their live shows are full of youthful energy and no two setlists are ever the same. Butterfly Hand Grenade, the debut album of Stargazy Pie, is a compelling mix of hard rock, pop, and bittersweet love songs; creating a vivid narrative of heartache, hope and resolution. Currently, Stargazy Pie is working on new material that they are excited to share soon!

About Sevalynn


Sevalynn is a hard rock 4 piece original band based out of Tacoma WA with Sam Comfort and Dragen DeLaO on guitar, Dan Hope on drums and Princess Guinto on Bass and Lead Vocals

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