Thursday, July 28, 2022


Anderson School - The Shed

6 - 9 pm


All Ages Welcome

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About Milo

Milo Originally from the deep woods of the Olympic Peninsula, Milo is a singer-songwriter who now calls Seattle his home. His background as bassist performing stage left for metal, instrumental rock, and country music bands has led him to distinguish himself as a front and center solo artist. His own musical tastes range from the brazen theatrics of David Bowie, Weezer’s playful guitar grind, to the experimental moxie of Smashing Pumpkins. Spending years on the road performing live on stage, and composing and developing intricate, fine-tuned sounds, Milo’s performance style is anything but predictable. He fluctuates between improvisation and structure in order to push the boundaries on stage. His writing of catchy melodies and quirky 90s-inspired subject matter is carefully steered by his dynamic layering instrumentation and fun beats. From family backyard barbecues, to county fairs, dive bars and fancy wineries, Milo has played in nearly every county of Washington state alongside none other than country music’s The Olson Bros Band. Now as a solo artist, Milo has branched out from traditional singer-songwriter tropes and instead blends the indie alternative and americana genres into danceable arrangements and crowd-pleasing covers.