Thursday, 30 June 2022

Elvis Batchild + Timothy Graham + Sam Parker at Spanish Ballroom

Doors at 6, Show at 7

All ages welcome

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About Elvis Batchild

Elvis Batchild

Elvis Batchild was founded in 2019 by five strangers on Craigslist who bonded over a mutual love for rock ‘n' roll. Their genre-bending sound fuses psych rock, metal, and pop elements with sprawling vocal harmonies and funky basslines - picture Black Sabbath combined with Tame Impala and fronted by David Bowie. Leading the charge is singer Rein Laik, who challenges gender roles with his androgynous fashion sense and a stage presence that draws inspiration from queer icons like Prince, Freddie Mercury, and Kate Bush. Elvis Batchild has garnered attention in Seattle for their high-energy live shows and consistent performance schedule, routinely playing venues like The Sunset Tavern, Cafe Racer, and Neumos. They released their first EP, "Batchild Begins" in 2021.

About Timothy Graham

Timothy Graham

"Fun and introspective psych-pop-rock tracks that recall '90s Britpop and place Graham on the same plane as modern heavyweights like Portugal. The Man. and Spoon." -Jack Anderson, KUTX 98.9 Austin Timothy Robert Graham is a songwriter, producer, and performer residing in Seattle, Washington. Recent pre-pandemic years have included shows in Austin, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. Radio features, year end best-of-lists, and a growing number of co-writes and collaborators continue to share Timothy's songs with a wider audience.





About Sam Parker

Sam Parker

Sam Parker and his band are a modern-day Indie/Pop/Rock group based out of Tacoma, WA. Their music is a mixture of groovy guitar licks, soulful melodies, and tasteful drum fills. The band consists of Sam Parker (guitar/vocals), Peter Gray (keyboard), Luke Westermeyer (drums), and Isaac Mac (bass). The band formed in 2019, releasing their debut EP "Fall&Rise". In 2021, Sam Parker released their first full length record "NeoLade". Due to the pandemic, their tour for their latest record was cancelled, resulting the band to invest in a gas generator and drive down the west coast performing at parks in cities from Seattle, Portland, Bend, San Francisco, and San Diego. This pandemic "tour" helped the band gain fans all over the west coast. In 2022, Sam Parker released their newest single "Lonely" which will be their first single off their upcoming album to be released later this year.Sam Parker and his band are a modern day Indie/Pop/Rock group based out of Tacoma, WA.  Their music is a mixture of groovy guitar licks, soulful melodies and tasteful drum fills.  The band consists of Sam Parker (guitar/vocals), Peter Gray (keyboard), Luke Westermyer (drums), and Isaac Mac (bass).  With their first full length album (NeoLade) released in 2021, the band is working on their follow up record to be released in summer 2022.

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