Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Peter Adams Quartet

Peter Adams Quartet

Peter Adams is an accomplished pianist, composer, and educator based out of the Tacoma Washington area. In 2012 he formed the band Velocity alongside his long time collaborator Brian Smith. Velocity is a prog instrumental fusion band based out of Tacoma Washington. Band members include Peter Adams on keyboards and synth, Cliff Colón on tenor saxophone, Brian Smith on drums, and Rob Hutchinson on bass. The four-piece prog powerhouse melds elements of jazz, funk, progressive rock, and hip-hop for a cocktail of hard-hitting grooves and impressive improvisation. The energetic original compositions are largely written by keyboardist Peter Adams, with each member contributing to the arrangements to create their unique sound. His newest band The Peter Adams Quartet features Osama Afifi, Mason Hargrove, Jason Edwards, and BrandonLee Cierley and all the songs are composed by Peter.

Velocity's debut self-titled album 'Velocity' was released in 2014, followed by their second album Displacement Over Time in 2015 and their latest album Magnetar was released in 2019. They perform regularly throughout the Pacific Northwest and have received critical acclaim. "The Tacoma, Washington-based quartet's sounds travels crisp, tightly-woven modern jazz terrain not unlike that of pianist Chick Corea's Elektric Band: groove-centric drums and bass, a hot saxophone not quite out front but incorporated more equally into the ensemble sound, and some fine and fancy electric keyboards giving the music a futuristic feel" writes Dan McClenahgan in Velocity has been featured on local radio station KNKX 88.5 FM and they have performed and recorded with some of Seattle’s premiere artists such as Joe Doria, Jacques Willis, Farko Dosumov, and many others.

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