Friday, August 6, 2021

DJ Ambush

Crossfade Fridays

Crystal Ballroom - Ringlers Pub

8 - 11:30 pm

All ages welcome

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A weekly event featuring local and regional hip hop DJs performing at Ringler's Pub every Friday night.

About DJ Ambush

DJ Ambush

Being a collector of music since the age of 14, I always had a devout interest in making people dance. Starting out by rocking high school and basement parties, I was the one showing up with the "pause tape" cassette mixes and was always amazed and excited to see audiences react to my selections. Not too much later I acquired my first set of turntables, and started getting booked for parties. With over 28 yrs of experience in nightclubs, concerts, festivals, retail locations, and weddings coupled with a rich knowledge of music. These experiences equipped me with the skills that I would later use in event production and promotion, artist management and consultation. In a time when DJ's come a dime a dozen, I was faced with the obstacle of separating myself from the pack. And through years of trial and error, I've come to find that the best way to do that is consistency. Stick to the script and give the people what they want. Consistency doesn't mean playing the same records each week. But it does mean giving a quality performance every time you pick up the headphones. Currently the head of The Numberz 96.7FM in Portland, Oregon. The home of PDX's black music experience.