Thursday, 23 April 2020


The Spider Ferns


6 PM doors, 7 PM show

$8 per person, Free for hotel guests

All ages welcome

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About Mirrorgloss



Najah Monique Todd and Del Brown make up the dance-pop duo Mirrorgloss. Formed in 2012 in Tacoma, Washington, the two established a unique sound with their decision to focus on their vocal pairing as the foundation of their musical creation. The pair compliments each other with the combination of Najamoniq's soulful vocals interweaved with the edgier sounds of Del. The result is a dynamic sound that is truly inspiring.

The look of the band is as refreshing as their art, citing influences as eclectic as Jeff Buckley, Death From Above 1979, The Pretenders. and The Gossip. As style-conscious plus-sized ladies, Mirrorgloss supports and promotes all types of beauty. Not just acceptance of, but the celebration of one's self. The ladies of Mirrorgloss believe that Sisterhood is less about competition but is more related to the strengthening of a foundation upon which we can all stand and encourage each others success.

Having found a kindred spirit in one another, the ladies of Mirrogloss feel fortunate to be traveling on this journey of creativity and self-expression together as best friends. Their captivating friendship radiates love and light, their music inspires freedom and movement, allowing fans to be a part of an uplifting, fun and inspirational dance party where everyone is invited.

About Medejin

Lush & moody


Lush, moody, ethereal…you’ve heard music described this way before, but somehow Medejin is different. Songwriter Jenn Taranto has created a sound that is not quite pop, and not entirely dreamwave, but none of it quite sounds like anything else. Taranto’s expressive vocals,  often soaked in delay, weave in out of drifting guitar melodies and sparse-but-punchy rhythms that come together in a mesmerizing swirl.  With Matthew Cooke on drums, Rebecca Gutterman on guitar and Ramsey Troxel on bass, their live sound is both nostalgic and euphoric, with a disarming intimacy that tends to leave audiences quietly, beautifully devastated. The band’s debut EP, Eleni - produced by Simon Nicol of Leava and released November 2018, has garnered attention and airplay from KEXP 90.3 FM, and has been included on Larry Rose's "Music that Matters" podcast as well as an in-studio performance on "Audioasis" with Eva Walker.

Medejin has shared the stage with artists such as DoNormaal, Red Ribbon, Bear Axe, Golden Gardens and Dead Spells. Their music has also been heard on DKFM Radio LA, KBFG 107.3FM, The Reverb UK as well as features in Alt Revue and NW Music Scene. They have performed at Seagaze Fest 2019 and have an upcoming show with  Tres Leches this August at the Olympic Sculpture Park put on by the Seattle Art Museum.

Taranto released her first single as Medejin in May 2016 and decided to name the project after her birth place in Colombia. Currently, they are working on their next single set to come out this spring.




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