Saturday, 18 April 2020



6 pm doors, 7 pm show

$10 advance, $15 day of show, free for hotel guests

All ages welcome

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About Limberlost

Limberlost Limberlost is an Award Winning American rock band from Seattle, WA. Behind the crushing vocals of Krystle Pyette and mesmerizing harmonies of Brittany Lauren, the band, consisting of Ricky Dunn on Guitar, Ben “Thor” Beman on Bass, Anthony Ciarochi on Keys and Michael Burt on Drums, use captivating hooks and tenacious grooves to grab your heart and invade your soul. A troop of 6 vastly different origins who bind together as one, and rise from the mist to permeate every song and performance with passion, love and raw energy.

About Alive85

Alive85 There have been 1000's of tribute shows to The King but never one like this!!! Be prepared to be shocked and amazed as Alive 85 begins where all other leave off! Imagine if you will, it's 1985 and Elvis Presley is still alive and well, still doing his amazing live show but now he is in competition with the 80's rock gods like Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, ect.. the list goes on and on... So Buckle up as international recording and touring artist Steve Unger plays the role of The King and takes you on a epic fantasy adventure to bring you the Elvis show that never was... ? Stelvis AKA- (Steve Unger) is the bassist for the international recording and touring rock band Metal Church and has been in the music entertainment industry for over 30 years playing with many well known acts. His experience includes, Bass guitar, Guitar, Vocals, Live performance, Touring, Studio engineer and recording artist, Pro audio and lighting, Video, Artist booking, Artist management, Artist development and promotion. All this experience along with his true love of both the King and music itself makes this show a smashing success...

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