Saturday, October 5, 2019


Grand Lodge

All day


All ages welcome

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About Oktoberfest

Whether your German or not, you'll have a wundervoll time at our party, with food specials (bratwurst! and more), live music and beer - so much delicious beer. Prost!


Bubbling away in a tucked-away chamber at the Grand Lodge, you’ll find all kinds of fermented goodness, including our Kümmel Kraut, which we’re making especially for Oktoberfest. It’s traditional, it’s good for you (we can talk about the myriad benefits of fermented foods later), and it is delicious! Eat with brats and a nice ale; repeat.

Oktoberfest Plate
two Hammerhead bratwursts, housemade kümmel kraut, stout German potato salad & Hammerhead brown mustard • $16

King Ludwig Returns
Hammerhead bratwurst, housemade kümmel kraut, cheese & ale sauce & bacon on a seeded pretzel roll • $12


Front Lawn
Trashcan Joe • 1 - 2:30 pm

Haldeman's OOM-Pah Boys • 3 - 5 pm

Brian Copeland Band • 5:30 - 7 pm

The Hasslers • 7:30 - 10 pm

Garage Door
Julie McCarl and Bodacious • 2 - 4 pm

The Campfire Boys • 4:30 - 6:30 pm

McDougall • 7 - 10 pm

Balloon & Face Painter • 3 - 6 pm

Event Schedule

The Hasslers

7:30 - 10 pm

Front Lawn

The Hasslers

The Hasslers are a five piece Folk-Rock/ Americana group from Missoula, Montana, currently based out of Seattle, WA. Since their formation in 2012, they've become known in the Northwest for their high-energy, air-tight performances, intricate instrumental arrangements, and catchy, yet powerful lyrics and vocal melodies. Built around Matt Hassler's songwriting, the group has become a staple of their genre, providing support for acts like Robert Earl Keen, Blitzen Trapper, the Cave Singers, the Heartless Bastards, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, and many more.

Horn players, weeping pedal steel, electrifying guitar solos and 3 part vocal harmonies abound. Genuine, hard-hittin', MT folk-rock, erudite pool-hall rock, doesn't matter what you call it, it's fun to watch and it's good to listen to. 

Northwest Music Scene of Seattle, WA writes:
"If you hold strong, personal lyrics in high regard, but also like the sound of muscular folk and alt-country, The Hasslers aren’t to be skipped out on. We recommend picking up a copy of State Center and keeping it in steady rotation for a long, long time." 
Independent Clauses of Raleigh, North Carolina writes:
"Even though the songwriting and instrumentals are brilliant, Matt Hassler’s vocal performances are even more stellar. He has the sort of lithe, evocative voice that can sell any line, whether it’s a wisecrack, a confession, or an observation."






Foot-stomping Americana

7 - 10 pm

Garage Door


With his imagination often dwelling in the very real places of his past and present, as well as in the possible future, McDougall’s songs may very well seat you by a coffee-can fire in the middle of a dry California river-bed, pull you up onto a freight train in the lush spring-time of the Pacific northwest, raise your voice in hymns with the entire family on a Thanksgiving afternoon, or haste your good-bye to civilization as you know it, as you ramble on with all you possess on your back.


Fact, fiction, and a little in between, McDougall carries on the relevant tradition of oral history and folklore, making it a part of everyday life and sharing it with those around him. Inspired by the word of God, his family, friends, fellow workers and fellow travelers met along the way, McDougall wishes to keep to the unwritten rule of using what was left by those before while leaving something of your own for those who will come after.


Brian Copeland Band

Lyrical guitar-pop

5:30 - 7 pm

Front Lawn

Brian Copeland Band

Singing and strumming since the age of ten, Brian Copeland has cultivated a unique brand of catchy and lyrical guitar-pop. Born in Iowa City and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Copeland draws on a planet of inspiration ranging from a loving family and unwavering friendships to quirky Portland encounters and spectacular Cascadian scenes. Built on honest themes and experiences, his music engages a wide range of listeners from all walks of life. Copeland's current lineup features top regional talent, including Sean Hudson on bass guitar, Michael Jarmer on drums, Jeff Koch on lead guitar, and Kat Cogswell on vocals.

As a vetted pop musician at the center of a galaxy of accomplished musicians, Brian Copeland has built a powerhouse pop institution that remains fresh and engaging from album to album and show to show.


The Campfire Boys

Acoustic, Deadish, Grassy Fun!

4:30 - 6:30 pm

Garage Door

The Campfire Boys


The Campfire Boys formed at various events and gatherings, at around 3:00 AM by the bonfire. They play whatever they want. Influenced by Grateful Dead, Dawg, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, and Blues.





3 - 6 pm


Haldeman's OOM-Pah Boys

3 - 5 pm

Front Lawn

Julie McCarl and Bodacious

Eclectic blues/cajun/anything

2 - 4 pm

Garage Door

Julie McCarl and Bodacious

Julie McCarl

McCarl has worked as a professional musician wearing many hats since age 18.  Starting her career at the top, of a mountain that is...Timberline Lodge...she sang with a jazz group for many years and also formed many "folk groups" throughout the years.  Her mentor, Mr. Richard Kohnstamm produced an album called simply "Julie" and it was sold at Timberline.  She has self-produced other albums..."Sweet Dreams and Lullabies".. and co-produced with Pat Schweibert a project called "Momma".  She wrote several of the songs on that album. 

She had the wonderful opportunity to go to Japan and sing there for 3 months in Toyonaka, outside Osaka and then to travel to Okinawa for a two month stint at the Manza Beach Resort with her daughter Shannon, who joined her in singing and experiencing the culture!

She has taught music lessons....and studied music....the whole time, feeling that music is definitely a gift to be shared in as many ways as possible....the world seems to need more harmony than ever!!!  Currently she works at the Portland Waldorf School accompanying the Eurhythmy classes and teaches private lessons and plays with a wonderful group called "Bodacious" eclectic blues/Cajun/anything goes group!  They have just finished producing their first CD called "Love's De' Bottom Line"

She also continues to work as a single, playing piano and guitar, singing...and writing tunes and hoping for a more peaceful world!

Doug Stickler

Doug Stickler has been playing accordion for 34 yrs. He studied with Don Bottari and Eileen Hagen and made his professional debut as a strolling musician at the Black Angus Steak House. Throughout high school, he also performed at The Rheinlander, The Little Blarney Castle, and The Chateau La France.

After 10 yrs playing The Matterhorn Restaurant, he began working with other musicians in various combos. These have included Zydeco music with the band Bodacious; Italian opera and Neapolitan love songs with tenor, Tim Tommaso; as an accompanist for Joan Szymco's Veriditas Choir; and with Cliff Farley's Swiss Choir. He also plays in a Duo setting with violinist Frank Holman or guitarist Rouke Vanderveen. He has also been a studio musician, appearing on various CD's.

Most of his work these days is with Bodacious. Band members include Julie McCarl, Rouke Vanderveen, (who is lead guitarist with Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts), and Marvella McPartland. This versatile band is mostly a blues/boogie band that plays anything from Clifton Chenier Zydeco to Chuck Berry and rock and roll.

Bodacious has also worked together in other settings including becoming an Irish band for McMenamin's St. Patrick's Day celebrations, and a German band for the Polkafest at the Paesano Club in Cedarville Park.

His repertoire includes German, Swiss, Scandinavian, Irish, Italian, French, Zydeco/Blues, and Jazz Standards, primarily from the 1930's and 40's.

He is comfortable playing in most ethnic settings as a soloist, in a band, or any combination of the two. He plays acoustically as a soloist, but uses amplification when he plays in a band.

Marvella McPartland

Marvella is a Portland area singer/songwriter.  Born in Chicago and raised on the West Coast, she settled in Portland in 1982.  Over the years she has performed in opening acts for many well known talents...such as Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company, Jesse Collin Young and the Youngbloods,  the Smothers Brothers, Otis Redding, Ricky Nelson, Bo Diddley, Kenny Rogers, Randy Newman, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and many others.  She has worked with the musicians of Bodacious in various combinations for over 10 years.  With a background in music that ranges from classical to rock and roll, from folk to jazz over many years, she plans to continue in music forever....and loves to perform with Bodacious!!


Trashcan Joe

2-step / Blues / Jazz

1 - 2:30 pm

Front Lawn

Trashcan Joe

“Trashcan Joe is a marvel, a wonder that defies categorization in any sort of contemporary setting.” Don Campbell, The Oregonian

Trashcanjo n. [trash kan jo] A banjo made out of a trashcan. Ideology based on maximum musical output from recycled minimum input. Coffee brewed in a trash can.

Soaring vocal harmonies and modern song writing set in a soundscape harkening to the early jazz era; Trashcan Joe has a unique sound with a broad appeal. The fact that the instruments are made from recycled and found objects is quickly lost to their stellar musicianship. It’s no wonder they are a steadily working live band and have performed at events such as Pickathon, Burning Man, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Live Wire, The Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle, Oregon Country Fair, and were the house band at the Candidates Gone Wild at the Roseland Theater.

Trashcan Joe also has soundtrack work on the resumé. They scored the music for the Aurora award winning OPB special Zig-Zag which explores the stories of several Portland area commuters. Later came the feature motion picture Lipstick and Dynamite, which chronicles the history of women’s wrestling and includes TJoe music as part of the soundtrack. TCJ was well received at NYC’s 2008 Tribeca Film Festival in the film “The Auteur.” Most recently they licensed music for a TV commercial by American Family Insurance.
Cap’n James Cook  is vocals and creator of the Trashcanjo, the Trashcan Bass, the Tuborgan, and the Can o’ PA. The beloved founder has written more songs than you and your three best friends combined. He is a former member of the Wags, and current member of Ipanemia.
Jason Wells is vocals, cornet, zob stick, and lead extrovert. He is the composer of some of Tjoe’s most memorable songs. While his cornet isn’t actually made from a trash can, he claims to affect a “trashy style”. A member of March Fourth Marching Band, and engineer of Trashcan Joe recordings, at his studio Audiowells.

Mike Danner is vocals, accordion, melodica, a tuborgan honey-voiced singer, and a slick jazz accordionist. Mike was featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat; performs solo and with his band Velvida Underground. He has an Accordion Crimes website that features duets with Portland’s premier songwriters.

Yascha Noonberg is trashcan bass, and vocals. In his the band Calynco, he is the master of the steel drum. In Trashcan Joe he is the master of a much more refined instrument, the steel trashcan bass. A true musical alchemist, Yascha can turn garbage into gold at will. The owner of Starfish Studios, he records and teaches some of Portland’s best musicians, all while making bubbling and gurgling noises.

Trashcan Joe is what you have, and that is more than enough – Joe

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