Thursday, August 15, 2019

Chris Poage

Anderson School - The Shed

6:30 - 9:30 pm


All ages welcome

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About Chris Poage

Chris Poage

Chris Poage is a singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist who writes original rootsy americana, world music, to psychedelic rock. Fronting Seattle bands like Mts. & Tunnels and Panda Conspiracy, Chris also works with artists ranging from Femi Kuti to Melissa Etheridge. Currently he is recording his seventh album set to release spring of 2018.

Chris grew up with a creative family on his great grandma’s homestead in the once small town of Bothell, Wa. He knows the power of art first hand with a deep love and respect for the stage. Chris self-produces festivals and events often choosing to hand build stage props costumes and lighting. This coupled with his dedication to songwriting continues to lead to mainstage performances with large audiences at festivals like Summer Meltdown, NW Folklife, and regular touring. One time while touring internationally, Chris performed at the HIFA Music Festival in Zimbabwe. After the performance he took time to donate instruments and teach children to play woodwinds. Chris often writes songs about books and forgotten historical figures like Margaret Rucker from Everett, Wa. This has placed him on stages including the Castro Theater in San Francisco performing front and center alongside artists Jason Webley, and Chicken John (co-founder of the Burning Man Festival). While not working on his own material lending his musical talents and skills to others has yielded some exciting collaborations such as the art-rock psychedelic trio: YAR and the all improvisational experimental groove band: Cephalopod.

Recently, Chris reconnected with his uncle Dan Bagnall, an amazing guitarist and avid vintage studio owner/enthusiast. Chris dusted off a few original banjo songs that he never recorded. When the two got together over the songs, there was an obvious chemistry. Since then, several more songs have been written expanding and blending their project into tex-mex and indie folk territory. Wanting a full band to fill out the sound, Chris enlisted the help of Panda Conspiracy band mates Sandy Dickerson on bass, Katie and Liana Green on trumpet and trombone and new musical collaborator Evan Peterson on drums. The group started rehearsing in 2017 and is currently making their way into the studio to produce a new album of songs due out spring 2018.

Along with the excitement of the new album, tour dates on the west coast will follow. While we can’t predict the future it is clear that there is something very special happening with this group of friends and family. The songs are dynamic and fun. The vocal harmonies and horn parts feel natural the groove is solid and forward moving. It will be exciting to see how a charged musical project like this one unfolds as it is released into the world in 2018.