Friday, August 16, 2019

The Stubborn Lovers

The Moaning Lorries

Green Mountain Guild

White Eagle Saloon & Hotel - White Eagle Saloon

9 pm

$8 in advance, $8 day of show

21 and over

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About The Stubborn Lovers

Rockin country

The Stubborn Lovers

Fueled by whiskey, asphalt, AM gold, and several lifetimes of heartache, the Stubborn Lovers play country and rock ‘n' roll songs that sound like forgotten classics. Imagine the Dixie Chicks jamming with Bruce Springsteen at a lonesome roadhouse: gorgeous three-part harmonies with weeping pedal steel over big beats and ringing guitars.

Their EP Feathers and Bones was released in late 2015, and showcases the band's evocative, rootsy sound across four songs, from the shimmering pop hooks of "So Jealous So Stupid" to the driving country thump of "Evermore", from the soulful, soaring "Flaming June" to the moody and sinuous "Devil Take My Heart". The warmth and exuberance of the music contrast with the record's lyrical exploration of darker emotions: bitterness and anger over lost or unrequited love, gnawing jealousy, unnamed fear.

Though based in the indie rock mecca of Portland, Oregon, the sextet's country pedigree is genuine: singer Mandy Allan hails from Hendersonville, Tennessee, where her grandfather delivered mail to the home of Johnny and June Carter Cash. Wife-and-husband duo Toni and Todd Melton (acoustic guitar/vocals and electric guitar, respectively) are transplants from the heart of Kentucky's hill country.

Multi-instrumentalist Steve Lipsey, who plays dobro and banjo in addition to pedal steel, is originally from New York, where his musical career began alongside classmate Donald Roeser, a.k.a. Buck Dharma, who went on to found Blue Oyster Cult. Bassist and vocalist Jenny Taylor grew up along the storied highways of New Jersey, and thus wears a particular fondness for anthemic blue-collar rock on her sleeve, while drummer and Idahoan Michael "Pearl" Nelson grounds the band both musically and geographically as the sole Northwest native.

The Stubborn Lovers have been privileged to share the stage with a number of country and Americana luminaries, including Lydia Loveless, Lindi Ortega, American Aquarium, and legendary Texas singer-songwriter Robert Earl Keen. In 2015 they were twice nominated for awards by Portland alt newsweekly Willamette Week: first as the year's Best New Band, and again in the annual readers' poll as Best Alt Country Band. They will record their first full-length album in 2016.


About The Moaning Lorries

Bar band

The Moaning Lorries

The Moaning Lorries deploy guitar based American music in the tradition of Wilco, Ryan Adams and The Faces. They began as a softer side project of Ryan White (The Dirty Channel). "You'd be surprised how many people in town are looking for church musicians or metal heads. I was pretty close to joining the mariachi band down the hall to stay at the practice space. " The band went through a number of auditions before finding bass player Todd Tschida, drummer Michael Cathcart and singer/songwriter Sam Greencart. "So I had some tunes and Todd had some great ones. Todd's the sweetest dude I've ever met. Sam and Mike had a buttload of dope songs from their previous two-piece The Greencarts and that was it. You know how many loads are in a buttload? That's like 3 hours of material."

In order to develop their sound, they went to the oldest library in Portland and conducted an exhaustive search of popular music. "We saw this super dusty magazine curated by cavemen a long, long time ago. Inside of it there were people who would dance, drink, laugh, smoke and sing along to guitar based music. Rolling stone I think it was called. We love the stuff we hear on the radio, you know...mediocre rapping with farting robots, auto-tuned perpetually victimized singers or inoffensive wallpaper background ambience. But we suck at that stuff and already bothered to learn how to play instruments." After going down to the crossroads, they tried to make a deal with the devil but he didn't have venmo and sentenced them to play music they love. "We'll play til the last rock bar in town gets chased out by a herd of laptop riding deejays." 8 months and a handful of shows later, The Moaning Lorries released their debut 7 song EP "Me or the Alcohol" which they are promoting all summer with shows booked all July and August. With buttloads more to come.





About Green Mountain Guild

Chamber Pop

Green Mountain Guild

Green Mountain Guild is a Portland based chamber pop ensemble. Multi-part vocal harmonies steeped in storytelling, strings and a diverse rhythm section fuel the group to search for deeper musical portals. Emotional themes of loss, birth, pain and celebration populate a cinematic landscape. Lyrical melodies traverse an intricate and melancholy harmonic form. The rhythm section experiments with a wide palate of dynamics, coupled with the freedom to dance in and out of tempo. Elements of folk, jazz and classical music permeate their sonic canvas. Through captivating songwriting and arrangements Green Mountain Guild creates a sensory space for listeners to absorb and dwell for a time.