Wednesday, July 10, 2019

E. Wayne Jones


About E. Wayne Jones

Note bending Soul

E. Wayne Jones

E. Wayne Jones is in the midst of a musical rebirth. Afteryears of putting music on the back burner he is finally ableto turn up the heat and totally immerse himself in hiswriting and performing. As a solo artist, he has entertainedaudiences from Atlanta, GA to Portland, OR and way toomany places in between to count. Now energized with anew band, he can easily live up to his mantra: "I have towrite and play music, I have no choice." He draws from adeep well of originals and covers, heavily influenced by thesounds of the 60's, ranging from Johnny Cash to JohnLennon. Note bending harmonica and driving guitarrhythm provide the backdrop to his tunes all coming fromsomeplace deep within his soul.