Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wave State

Old St. Francis School - Father Luke's Room

7 - 10 pm


All ages welcome

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About Wave State

Wave State

WaveState is a 5 piece band that brings a rhythm-heavy, genre bending sound whose music makes it difficult to not start dancing. While many of WaveS tate's songs are based in non-Western, and African time signatures, the band also integrates a strong rock, funk, and psychedelic influence. All of their music is original material, resulting in a unique and innovative sound. 

WaveState's musical spirit encourages real celebration of the experience of sound and music. The band members recognize that performingand experiencing music is not only entertainment, but can also be profoundly inspirational and healing.  WaveState audiences are encouraged to dig in deep and let the soundscape work its magic.

WaveState is a collection of friends who have been playing music together for many years, some being well-established local pros: Drummer Lindsay Elias (playing with multiple regional bands), percussionist/singer Gabriel Shonerd (formerly of B-side Brass Band), Guitarist/singers  Tim Moore and Matt Lauziere aka "Lozi", and Bassist/singer Josh Phillips.