Monday, October 14, 2019

McMenamins History and UFO Festival present...

An Evening with the Permanents

Kennedy School - Kennedy School Theater

6 pm doors, 7 pm event


Minor with parent or guardian

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About An Evening with the Permanents

An Evening with the Permanents

Presented by paranormal researchers Neil McNeill, Michael White, Casey Goodwin, Jay Verburg and Ben Robison

Every building has a story to be told. Some just speak louder than others. In 1920, the Old Wheeler hotel was built with a commanding view of Nehalem Bay in the Northern Oregon coastal town of Wheeler. Over the years, the town of Wheeler, once a hub for the bustling timber industry, has adapted and changed due to the economics of a developing region. Throughout those changes the hotel stood in the center molding its identity and role to fit the town’s needs. Join some of the Pacific Northwest’s preeminent paranormal researchers for a discussion of their work in the field and upcoming documentary, The Permanents: A Paranormal Case Study, showcasing the storied activity of the paranormal “permanent residents” of the Old Wheeler Hotel on the Oregon Coast.

About the Speakers:

As a teenager, Casey Goodwin was drawn to the mysterious and the obscure, spending long evenings exploring abandoned homes with sordid pasts and other notorious locations near his home in Southern California. After relocating to Oregon in 1994, his interest in unexplained phenomenon continued to flourish, which led Casey to co-found Oregon Paranormal in 2009. The express purpose of the organization is to conduct paranormal explorations in the Pacific Northwest, utilizing data collection and analysis, historical research, documentation, education, and collaborative efforts with like-minded teams and independent researchers. Through his work, carried out with both sensitivity and respect, Casey has helped many families and individuals struggling to comprehend the often incomprehensible.

Michael White does not believe in ghosts in the traditional sense. He suspects most reported activity is simply a case of misperceptions of events, misunderstandings of natural occurrences, and contributions from the living (including recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis, telepathy, hypnagogic experiences, and other psychic phenomenon.)

Michael utilizes his skills in surveillance and intelligence analysis, honed during 21 years serving in the military, to scrutinize data obtained in paranormal investigations and during paranormal experiments to identify which factors are explainable and which must remain unexplained. Michael has been interested in strange phenomenon since age 7, after experiencing his first unexplained event. He has been seriously researching the paranormal since 2004. Michael is the founder of Paranormal Research & Investigations.

Neil McNeill has worked in the fields of parapsychology, paranormal field investigation, and paranormal education for over 25 years. He is a consultant for television, film, and print media; regularly lectures for paranormal conferences and professional organizations; and is often a featured guest for local, regional, and national news and radio programs.

In 2012, Neil produced Dark & Stormy Nights: Parapsychology for Ghost Hunters, an educational DVD based on his popular and long-running college courses. He also co-chaired the paranormal education panel with Lloyd Auerbach at the 2014 International Convention of the Parapsychological Association.

Neil is based near Seattle and is a member of the Rhine Research Center, the Parapsychological Association, and the Seattle Consciousness Education & Research Society, founded by Dr. Vernon Neppe. Neil co-founded the annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference, serves as the director of Paranormal Studies Institute, and co-directs the ParaPsi College.

Jay Verburg began his unexpected paranormal journey as one of the two greenhorn miners on SYFY’'s Ghost Mine. With a passion for the Old West, he has been casually exploring ghost towns and abandoned locations, striving to discover historically rich areas for the past 15 years. Fascination with history and the gold that still runs through the mountains of Eastern Oregon unexpectedly landed him in the small town of Sumpter. It was there he found himself not only working as a hard rock miner but witnessing events that led him to an entirely new journey — paranormal research. Research of history and the paranormal have led Jay to some of the greatest location throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Utah, and Colorado.

Jay currently travels the U.S., speaking about paranormal research and revealing how history can lead to the discovery of many rumored haunts. Jay works closely with like-minded individuals and investigative groups such as A.S.E.P., the Paranormal Studies Institute, Paranormal Research & Investigations of Washington, and Oregon Paranormal. As Director of Historical Research for Oregon Paranormal, Jay focuses on studying energy and the pursuit of awareness surrounding the existence of intelligence beyond death. As a featured investigator on the internet network Dark Zone, Jay often reveals behind the scenes videos while working on his latest joint project, The Permanents – A documentary focusing on the paranormal “permanent residents” of the Old Wheeler Hotel on the Oregon Coast. 

Ben Robison was born in the Pacific Northwest during the late 70’s. He grew up exposed to ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot. Whether it was the home he lived in that was haunted, the many shared stories of aliens his father spoke of, or seeing firsthand what he believes was a Sasquatch up in the Olympic Peninsula, it would seem Ben had anything but a regular upbringing. As a result of this, the things that aren’t so regular are what intrigue Ben.

Like so many others, Ben experienced something so profound and unimaginable that he was left with only one option…to look at it closer. That’s why he founded the Autonomous Studies of the Enigmatic & Paranormal. Being a tech-head by trade, he coupled this with his practical/sensible way of thinking, which in turn gave Ben a logical method towards investigating paranormal events. We all have questions, and Ben’s aim is to try to offer some answers by taking a scientific approach with a healthy dose of skepticism with regards to his research of the paranormal and enigmatic.  

About Paranormal Pub

Paranormal Pub

Join us once a month to hear from experts in unexplainable phenomena - think UFOs, extraterrestrials, Bigfoot, ESP, ghosts and beyond. Come have a beer and a burger handcrafted beverage, concessions, and/or a slice of pizza, settle in and learn something new from a curated line-up of scholars, experiencers and others.

According to Wikipedia: "Paranormal events are phenomena described in popular culture, folklore and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanation.

A paranormal phenomenon is different from hypothetical concepts such as dark matter and dark energy. Unlike paranormal phenomena, these hypothetical concepts are based on empirical observations and experimental data gained through the scientific method.

The most notable paranormal beliefs include those that pertain to ghosts, extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects, psychic abilities or extrasensory perception and cryptids."

We thank McMenamins History and UFO Festival for coordinating and hosting this programming at Kennedy School.

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