Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Race Talks: Opportunities for Dialogue

Following in the Footsteps of the Civil Rights Movement

Kennedy School - Gymnasium

6 pm doors; 7 pm event


Minor with parent or guardian

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About Following in the Footsteps of the Civil Rights Movement

Following in the Footsteps of the Civil Rights Movement

Presented by local civil rights icons: Reverend Mark Knutson, Augustana Lutheran Church and Tricia Tillman, Executive Coach & Consultant/former Director, Multnomah County Public Health Department

Join us for a slide presentation and commentary by two local icons who journeyed the Civil Rights Trail through the Southern states. Learn about the bravery, tribulations, and dangers of everyday people and well-known civil rights heroes such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rep. Carl Lewis, and their organizations SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference), and SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee).

About the Speakers:

Rev. W. J. Mark Knutson has been Pastor of Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon since December 1995. Augustana is a growing multicultural congregation in the heart of the city, now in its 110th year. Since then, Augustana has grown from 243 members in 1995 to an 800-member congregation that is also home to several non-profits including the Community Alliance of Tenants, Familias en Accion, the Society for Haitian Arts, Culture and Social Support, Irvington Cooperative Preschool, the Well Arts Institute, and the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice.

Over the past 30 years, Pastor Knutson has served on many local and national boards and committees, and has keynoted and conducted workshops in a variety of settings. In the January 2012 issue of Portland Monthly magazine, Mark was named one of the 50 Most Influential Portlanders. The issue noted his “vigorous activism” against war and in favor of immigration reform and gay rights.

As founder and principal consultant of Equity Logic, Tricia Tillman supports organizations to relentlessly co-create and pursue health equity, diversity and inclusion through achievable change strategies. Equity Logic helps governmental, health care, and community-based health organizations become more equitable, diverse and inclusive through governance, leadership, planning, evaluation, communications, and staffing.

Additionally, Tricia serves as a member of the State of Oregon Housing Stability Council and is the Senior Policy Analyst for the State of Oregon Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission.

About Race Talks: Opportunities for Dialogue

Race Talks: Opportunities for Dialogue

This series deals with race in Oregon, both historically and up to the present time, to provide learning experiences that support the development of racial identity and sensitivity.

Each month, Kennedy School hosts a presentation on a different topic of ethnicity and racial elements in Oregon history, given by educators and/or experts in the topic at hand. The aim is to provide educational and learning experiences that support the development of intercultural sensitivity and racial identity.

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