Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Davi and the Deets

The Bonfire District

About The Bonfire District

The Bonfire District

Macintosh II computers, The Deschutes River, Little League Baseball, Old Auburn Road, Sincerely Goodbye, Laramie, Paint Shop rock shows, Oregon State University, The Rose Garden, Erforschung, The Orbital, Durban, Guinness, No Pity...

While the words seem like cacophony, they are just a few of the puzzle pieces that brought the bonfire district together. The four have been friends for decades, and after years of living and working in Portland, they decided to make music together.

During the initial rehearsals, the four strove to make the band's sound nothing other than their own. They knew they couldn't reinvent the wheel, and determined to simply express their collective voice.