Friday, October 19, 2018

Anderson School '80s Homecoming

Anderson School - Haynes' Hall

7 p.m. 'til 10 p.m.


21 and over

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About Anderson School '80s Homecoming

Anderson School '80s Homecoming

Return to "the good old days," when your biggest worry was homework and if Bif would ask you to the homecoming dance after the big game. Let's do it all over again, but with booze (the legal way). No peach wine coolers, either. 

Nite Wave will be your live entertainment, and they're all about ‘80s new wave, from Prince to Depeche Mode to Duran Duran and more.

So gather up the day-glo, lycra, parachute pants, and puffy-sleeved dresses and get tickets to join us in Haynes Hall. Prizes will be awarded for best ‘80s-themed outfits, so, like, don't disappoint!