Thursday, September 27, 2018

Livy Conner

Kennedy School - Gymnasium

7 p.m. 'til 9 p.m.


All ages welcome

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About Livy Conner

Livy Conner

Livy Conner's captivating debut full-length album, Mind of Your Own, fused folk intimacy and soulful vocals with layered textures of diverse instrumentation. Produced in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, Mind of Your Own was the culmination of her years spent immersed in the historic coastal city's tight knit music community.

Livy's latest release, Sleepy EP, finds her eager to explore new sonic avenues without leaving behind the strength of her powerful voice, or her intimate perspective as a songwriter. The result is a dreamy and dynamic collection of songs containing influences from a wide swath of genres-folk, ambient rock, gospel, americana-but confined to none in particular. Within this swirl of influences Livy's emotive singing serves as the constant element connecting each distinctive song. Equal parts commanding and comforting, her voice displays an impressive range imbued with sincerity, driven by a desire to express and connect.

"While Conner's lithe voice can knock you out when it needs to, her songwriting is equally deserving of praise. Her lyrics are reflective, emotional, and, in a word, real."

-Jared Booth, Metronome Charleston

"The Lowcountry singer has a tender-sweet voice and a knack for crafting easy-going creekside melodies. Our recommendation: Queue up 'Dave Said'."

-Kailey Miller, Charleston City Paper