Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Louder Oceans

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About Louder Oceans

Louder Oceans

Brandon Ficquette and Reed Schackmann came together in early 2015 to begin writing music together as an acoustic duo. As their music began to develop, it became clear that Ficquette's ability to generate catchy riffs and intricate solos mixed with Schackmann's diverse vocals and songwriting abilities created a powerful dynamic. For the next two years, Ficquette and Schackmann spent their time honing their sound and experimenting with different iterations of cast members that would eventually be known as Louder Oceans. In 2017, the duo were finally joined by good friends Alejandro Quiroz and Tom Andes to complete the powerhouse quartet. Together Andes and Quiroz provide the deep pocket canvas that is layered with ambient guitar grooves and soaring vocals to create the eclectic and diverse sound of Louder Oceans.