Saturday, March 10, 2018

Na Wahine O Ka Mana:

The Power of Women Summit: Redefining Our Future, Reigniting Our Power

Anderson School

9 a.m. 'til 7 p.m.

$200 per person
Includes entry for March, 10th & March, 11th

All ages welcome

About Na Wahine O Ka Mana:

Na Wahine O Ka Mana:

We are living through such a unique moment in history. Women around the globe are standing up, stepping forward and speaking out. We are reclaiming our voices, our bodies, and our power. With other women by our side, we are co-creating spaces to nurture, inspire and heal.

Uniquely produced by women of color to bring all women together from all backgrounds, experiences, and identities, N? Wahine o ka Mana (pronounced Na-Va- Hee-Nay Oh Kah-Mah-Na) is Hawaiian for “The Power of Women.”

Unlike many other women conferences which are focused on a single theme, N? Wahine o ka Mana’s attendees will engage in powerful lectures and transformative presentations ranging from artificial intelligence, women in STEM, to reconciling our differences through indigenous practices.

“The purpose of this summit is to create a platform where women can have conversations with the substance that will challenge the status quo by shifting paradigms. I believe that it is our time. Women are showing up with passion, authenticity, and acknowledging that the power to change the world already exists within us. It’s time to use it, and most importantly build upon it.” says Ebalaroza-Tunnell, founder and executive director of the Summit.

Former candidate for State Superintendent, Erin Jones, International documentary photographer, Paola Gianturco, Kela Hall from the KD Hall Foundation, and members of the T-Mobile Women in Leadership Network are just a few of the many amazing women leaders on the list of speakers.