Monday, February 5, 2018

Jake Allen

White Eagle Saloon & Hotel - White Eagle Saloon

7 p.m.

$10 in advance, $10 day of show

21 and over

About Jake Allen

Jake Allen

The ethereal sound of Jake Allen's music attaches to your heartbeat and reverberates through your veins with the warmth of a long-lost embrace.

He moves around the acoustic guitar like he's been holding it for a lifetime, gliding from end to end and producing sounds that you'd normally expect from a full band. Although most audiences are introduced to Jake Allen through the spectacle of his solo acoustic performances, the scope of Allen's artistry runs much deeper.

At age five, Allen began exploring synthesizers and recording music in his father's Northern Michigan studio. By fourteen, he had become proficient with a variety of instruments and he solidified his commitment to a life of producing and performing music. Allen has since gone on to produce several acclaimed solo records, playing every instrument himself, while tastefully complementing his smooth to soaring voice. In addition to drums, keyboards, harp and other various instruments, Jake often stresses his belief in using the studio itself as a key instrument in creating his massive productions and concept albums. His deep and detailed records lend themselves to the fleeting practice of sitting down and really listening to a record from start to finish.

By his late teens, Allen found himself being drawn to the sounds of finger-style guitar trailblazers like Michael Hedges and Andy McKee. He started to pin point his focus on acoustic guitar, crafting his own breed of six string wizardry. On top of a two-hands on the neck, percussive tapping style, Jake employed an array of effects and live looping to create an engaging solo performance. Through the art of looping, he discovered a way to create a virtual clone-like backing band. With this sufficient bag of tricks, Jake took his solo show to the road in 2009, touring twice a year ever since.

In addition to his solo endeavors, Allen has actively toured the U.S. with his full backing band bringing his lush studio productions to life on stage. These live efforts have garnered endorsements from musical gear companies like Takamine, Fender and Gretsch guitars. Jake can often be found online and in the flesh showing off new guitars and other products made by these reputable companies.

For the last year Jake has been vigorously touring North America with the Sony Masterworks recording artists, The Accidentals. In addition to opening their shows with his innovative solo acoustic performances, Allen has been guest performing in the band on guitar and keyboards. As they continue to tour extensively, Jake is preparing to release his highly anticipated new album "Deviant Motions" which features dynamic violin and cello performances by Sav Buist and Katie Larson of The Accidentals. This new album will be released in early 2018.

As Jake Allen continues to write, produce albums and perform, his mission statement remains the same. "I observe, report and affirm my life through the act of making music. In turn I wish that act will enrich the lives of others and inspire them to be their own definition of great."

"Jake Allen is the most creative and interesting singer/songwriter I have heard in many years. His album "Etherica" is exeptional!"

-Andy McKee, World Renowned Fingerstyle Guitarist

"Jake Allen is a musician who is very necessary in the 21st century music landscape in that he has learned from genre forefathers and taken the next evolutionary step, bridging a time-and-age gap to make traditional sounds relevant in the modern era."
-Mark Morton, Music Emssions

"I met Jake during a trade show where he was demoing product for us. I was immediately struck by his deep guitar skills and his great, fun attitude. Later, I saw a performance and was astonished by his alarmingly seasoned vocal skills. Then I heard his beautiful new release 'Deviant Motions' and became a total fan. What depth and sly talent in every passage. All coming from one of the nicest, coolest guys you'd ever meet. Jake is the real deal. So proud that he is one of our artists, so happy to know him."
-Tom Watters, Director of Product Development-Takamine Guitars

"I have known Jake since his childhood. I have been astounded at his growth and musical originality along the entire journey. Jake is one of the great young guitarists innovating and expanding guitar techniques in the new millennium."
-Dick Wager, Guitarist and Songwriter for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel

"Jake Allen is the whole package deal, inspiring, innovative and a powerful performer.
We have only seen him scratch the surface. We are thrilled to have him as a ToneWoodAmp Artist."
-Helene and Ofer Webman, Founders of the ToneWoodAmp

"Jake is an astoundingly creative singer songwriter with an electric presence. He puts forks in microwaves"
-Mike Dawes, Viral Video Fingerstyle Guitarist

"Jake is a fantastic guitarist and performer, owning the stage and keeping the crowd attentive throughout his performance. Equally as important, Jake is a great self promoter, and does everything in his power to ensure that his show is going to be a success for both himself and the club. "
-Mike Simon, Talent Buyer City Winery Nashville

"Jake Allen has masterd the art of fusing indie rock with a smooth jazz feel, layering it over with fresh lyrics and a unique sonic hybrid sound"
-Skope Magazine

"Jake is a rare talent. Unique, engaging and immensely talented. Jake's spectacular live performances appeal to a diverse audience. If there's one guarantee about a Jake Allen show, it's the standing ovation."
-Jack Clark, Promoter at Red House Concert Series