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Walk Off the Earth

6:30 p.m. Doors, 8 p.m. Show

$30 advance, $35 day of show

All ages welcome

Walk Off the Earth

Walk Off the Earth

With a name like "Walk Off The Earth," you might say this band sounds otherworldly. In fact, it's very much grounded in reality.

"We wanted to come up with a name that would make people forget about their problems, not worry about everyday issues," says Gianni Luminati. "And walk off the earth with the music."

Let's meet the band: There's Gianni, a dynamic producer and multi-contributor. Gianni has been obsessed with all aspects of music for pretty much his whole life. He started on the pots and pans (a make-shift drum kit) at age 3, while his mother played the piano by his side. Over the years he's picked up different instruments, while also learning about engineering and producing. He has developed an unconventional vision and sound for the band, and music in general, that is one of the major driving forces behind WOTE's determination to become one of the most unique bands of all time. Gianni creates his own opportunities through sheer perseverance. "If someone tells me something is not possible, I make it possible."

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Blackwood began playing music when her father showed her a few chords on a guitar at the age of 12. Soon she began writing and producing her own music. Being the female vocal in the band, Sarah adds a dynamic that will captivate you. She has played in bands that have taken her to over 30 countries, and with her experience and infatuation with music, she was a perfect match for WOTE's work ethic and motivation. It didn't take long for her to join in full throttle. Sarah also creates most of the band's artwork, though she'll laugh if you ask her if she's had any formal graphic arts training.

Marshall stands out with a raspy yet silky voice that is truly unique. He is as adept at manipulating trumpet valves as he is guitar strings. Marshall's very first instrument was the mouth harp at age 3, given to him by his grandpa, and it was the first thing that steered him towards a future full of music. Now he is an accomplished blues harp player, in addition to mastering a myriad of other instruments. Marshall adds an incredible amount of charm to the band's sound. When he wasn't immersing himself in music, Marshall somehow found the time to study hard in college, where he earned a Bachelor in Economics.

Keyboardist Taylor is better known as "beard guy" for his mysterious facial hair. And mysterious he is. However, do not be fooled by his YouTube persona. Taylor began his musical adventure at the age of 4. Being classically trained on piano, it is clear from any live show that Taylor's skills hold up to many of the greats. He is also known to rock the trumpet and perhaps a glockenspiel every now and then.

Then there's Joel Cassady on drums, who recently left college to learn from the school of life by playing music. He is the most computer savvy member of the band. When it comes to drumming, he is incredibly unique and captivating. And every once in a while, Joel will step out from behind his drum kit and throw a left-handed curve ball your way, so watch out!

WOTE formed 6 years ago in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, releasing two full length albums and several singles independently. The band began creating low-budget YouTube videos that quickly resulted in an ever-growing fan base all over the world.

The band is no stranger to attracting fans, or "Wote-lings," with their unique homemade videos. They hit upon something special when they decided to shoot their videos all in one take, originally a necessity in order to film and edit their videos quickly. The single-take videos became their signature, and to date 90% of the videos they make are done in one take, even though their editing skills have developed over the years.

The band's axis shifted in 2012 when a cover of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" went viral (and then some) on YouTube. Recorded and filmed in Gianni's kitchen the day after a New Year's Eve party, the now-infamous video shows all five members playing, in unconventional ways, one guitar. The video was shot in one take using a Canon 3Ti named "Tamera." ("She's the only other girl in the band," says Sarah. "We call her Tammy for short").

They uploaded the video, thinking it wasn't necessarily their best work. But they woke up to inboxes overflowing with hundreds of emails, endless voicemail messages and the news they were being talked about on radio stations around the world.

"There was just a vibe in the air," says Sarah. "And we kept saying, 'Something's happening. Something really cool is happening.'

The song earned 4 million views in one day, and won praise from celebrities like Russell Crowe, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, Jason Alexander and Adele. Even Gotye offered his congratulations. The sudden spotlight snowballed into a plethora of viewers exploring their YouTube channel and enjoying the 60+ videos/songs they have posted since 2010.

The band quickly broke away from the path of a typical viral YouTube sensation, and it is clear that WOTE are much more than a novel talking dog. Walk Off The Earth now has over 300,000,000 views in total on their channel. And they certainly have a lot to share with the world

Soon Ellen DeGeneres came calling, and then the band made appearances at Lollapalooza, Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo, Japan, as well as a string of sold out shows in Europe, keeping the band on the go. But they were determined more than ever to keep the buzz going, and WOTE got down to work in Gianni's studio in Burlington, recording their debut album for Columbia Records, called "R.E.V.O." The title is an acronym for "Realize Every Victory Outright." For the band, it also represents a revolution, a call for listeners to stay positive and keep striving for their goals. A way of life. Their way of life.

"Speeches," blends the gorgeous signature harmonies of WOTE's three vocalists with a measure of urgency provided by the ukulele and trumpet. The track "Red Hands" was the first song penned by all members of the group since solidifying their current line-up and it is downright anthemic. The drumbastic chorus has such thrust it'll wake every cell in your body and have you thinking, "this is a band that wants to be heard."

"'Red Hands' is about taking responsibility for your actions and not always trying to blame other people when something goes wrong," says Gianni.

In keeping with WOTE's commitment to visual counterparts for their songs, the band will be releasing several videos for the tracks on "R.E.V.O." One of the first videos to debut is for "Red Hands," and was directed by Ellis Bahl and the band. The video was, in true WOTE form, done in one take, and is an incredible vision that touches on everything the band is about stylistically. It is completely idiosyncratic, and will stun you as you watch over and over again, studying every move and truly appreciating how amazing the strategy and production really is. It required the musicians to perform parts of the song backwards, completely rearranged and at different speeds, all to be pieced back together at the end for a seamless rendition of the song while the band is walking through a warehouse. But the video was no sweat really for five artists who can switch instruments as easily as a chameleon changes colours.

Watch any of WOTE's videos and you'll see such sights as a ukulele falling from the sky into Sarah's hands, or Taylor playing piano with his feet. And Gianni can find the musical merit in just about any household item -- a broom to sweep, a wall to tap.

"There are no rules in this band." says Gianni.




The Crystal Ballroom

1332 W. Burnside
Portland OR 97209

(503) 225-0047
Contact us

Where On Any Night, Anything Can Happen!!

In these walls...

The historic Crystal Ballroom -- now over a century old -- is one of those rare concert halls that can point to a proud, diverse history while also laying claim to an ongoing musical legacy. Every time you enter this majestic ballroom, let your imagination sense the tremors resonating from a century's worth of gatherings, and realize that you are joining a thriving, generations-long procession of show-goers. Welcome!

Looking for your Crystal Ballroom Passport Stamps?

Crystal Ballroom, Lola’s Room & Crystal Brewery Tour occurs daily at 2 p.m. - meet at Ringlers Pub (street level below the Crystal Ballroom.) The tour takes about half an hour to complete. Any questions may be directed to the Crystal box office, 503-225-0047.

Stamps for the Crystal Ballroom and Lola’s Room are also available when you see a show – ticketed or free – in either venue.

Please note: Due to private events, concert setup needs and brewers’ schedules, not all spaces are guaranteed to be available to tour daily, but our staff will give it our best shot and show you the spaces that we can.

Tech Specs

Floor and stage plan
PDF download

Lighting diagram 
PDF download

Sound manifest
PDF download
Lola's Room: 
PDF download

Technical and logistical packet
For Crystal Ballroom & Lola's Room
PDF download

Ballroom height and beam-to-beam dimensions
16' 11" from beam to floor
19' 11" from floor to ceiling
14' 6" in between beams

Promoter Info

Rental Expenses To Outside Promoters

$365  PRODUCTION MANAGER ($54.75/hr OT)
$255  STAGE MANAGER ($38.32/hr OT)
$255  FOH TECHNICIAN ($38.32/hr OT)
$255  MONITOR ENGINEER ($38.32/hr OT)
$255  LIGHTING DIRECTOR ($38.32/hr OT)
$150  HOSPITALITY ($20/hr OT) [mileage is 33 cents per mile]
$1,000*  SECURITY ($100/hr OT)
$100  BOX OFFICE STAFF ($20/hr OT)
$ ----  CHAIR RENTAL ($2 per chair)
$ ----  BOX OFFICE CREDIT CARD FEE (3% of Box Credit Card Sales)

* Security cost is an estimate. Additional security may be required depending on the nature of the event. 

Overtime: All expenses incurred by the Crystal Ballroom for Catering, Advertising, requested stagehands, overtime (anything over 10 hours), backline, barricade, risers, etc. will be added to total rental rate.

Deposits: A non-refundable 50% room deposit and a $2,500 'untenured promoter fee' (UPF) is due immediately in order to secure the room. If ticket sales exceed 500 the 'UPF' will be refunded; if ticket sales are below 500 the room keeps the entire $2,500 to make up for less than 1/3 capacity and corresponding lack of sales. The 'UPF' will not be refunded if the event cancels within 60 days of the event.

Settlement: Venue will pay renter with a company check at the immediate conclusion of door sales. Venue will not provide any cash at settlement.

Late Night Fee: There is a $1,000/hour additional fee for any events after 3 a.m. We may also require additional security for events of that nature.

Merchandise: Merch rate is 20% they sell. We can provide a seller with advance notice and will keep 30% of sales. The outside promoter will receive no revenue from the merchandise as that is the prerogative of the house. House keeps a percentage of all transactions.

Tickets: All tickets must be placed through the venue onto the Cascade Tickets system. All comps, label buys, and holds must be approved by the venue. There is a $1/ticket venue fee at the Box Office.

Refunds: All refunds will be directed to the outside promoter. In the absence of an outside promoter representative, the venue shall use its own discretion regarding refunds and all refunds shall be deducted from settlement.

Insurance and Licenses: Renter must provide liability insurance not less than $1,000,000 for any single occurrence naming McMenamins Inc. d.b.a. Crystal Ballroom as additionally insured. Tickets will not be placed on sale until binder is received. Promoter is responsible for all ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC fees.

Production Advance: Performers or their representative must contact venue's production manager 5 days prior to the event in order to advance production needs, otherwise runner will arrive at 6 p.m. and all rider items/requests will be greatly limited if provided at all.

Layout: The Crystal Ballroom is located on the 3rd floor. The first floor is Ringlers Restaurant and the 2nd floor is Lola's Room, both of which may have a public or private event simultaneously with the Crystal.

Cancellation/Postponement: The contract covers the specified event for the specified date. No substitution will be accepted for a cancellation. If the event is postponed the room deposit will be transferred to the date of the new event but the $2,500 'UPF' will be applied toward the date of the originally scheduled show and an additional $2,500 will be required in order to reschedule.

Capacity: The venue's capacity is 1500*. All artist and promoter guests and comps will be deducted from sellable. Comp and guest space must be reserved in advance. House is entitled to 20 guests. House guests will not effect sellable. Promoter must have guest list to house no later than 2 hours prior to doors. VIP cap is 25.

* Seated capacity is 850. Seated shows must be 21 and over. There is a $2/chair rental fee.

Venue and corporate sponsor banners may be present during event.

Marketing your event at the Crystal Ballroom

Please contact Mike Walker for information about marketing your event through McMenamins resources.

Box Office

Please note! Both the Crystal Ballroom and Lola's Room specialize in open-floor shows with a very limited amount of seats. The rare seated events will be clearly denoted as such, within the event description on our schedule page.

Box Office Information

Tickets for all McMenamins shows are ticketed by Cascade Tickets, and may be purchased at the Crystal box office (located under the Crystal's awning) and McMenamins Edgefield, by phone at 1-855-CAS-TIXX, or by clicking the "Buy Tickets" link located at the event listing on our schedules.

Tickets bought directly at the Crystal box office or any of our four ticket outlets will only incur a $1 facility charge. (Please note! Tickets to Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn will incur additional service fees.)

Crystal Ballroom Box Office Hours 
Daily, 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
The box office is open later on nights when there is a performance.
Tickets may also be purchased in Ringlers Pub, Monday through Friday from 6 to 11 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The box office accepts cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and DiscoverCard.

Will Call

Will call is located at the box office.


All ticket purchases are non-refundable.


There are three pay lots nearby, and street parking is available.


Those with disabilities may call (503 225 0047) or email in advance to arrange early admittance.

There is an elevator located in the lobby.

Hold your Private Event at Crystal Ballroom

Weddings  Meetings  Social Events

The Crystal Ballroom is a truly awe-inspiring venue with its vaulted ceilings, grand chandeliers, giant wallscapes and famous "floating" dance floor. Accommodating groups from 100 to 1000 people, this 7,500-square-foot space includes access to the Ballroom's classic corner stage, floor-to-ceiling windows, swooping balcony, and full bar service.

Tucked in the Crystal’s second story is Lola’s Room accommodating events of up to 200 guests.  Lola’s comes with a handsome fully stocked bar, original artwork, and a floating dance floor all it’s own.

For overnight accommodations, our Crystal Hotel is just a block away!


Artwork plays an important role in the character of McMenamins locations throughout Oregon and Washington. We believe art makes life richer and more enjoyable. So, you'll often find paintings covering our walls, ceilings doors, overhead pipes, and equipment -- works as diverse and entertaining as our places for family and friends. Many artists have contributed to this vast variety of delightful eye candy. Jump in and enjoy some now!




Explore the Crystal Blocks

Our Crystal Hotel and legendary Crystal Ballroom are just across the street from each other, each offering their own unique spaces for live music, Northwest style fare and McMenamins hand crafted beverages.  Explore these properties and all they have to offer. 

Crystal Ballroom Property

Crystal Ballroom  Lola's Room  Ringlers Pub  Crystal Brewery

Crystal Hotel Property

Crystal Hotel  Al's Den  Ringlers Annex  Zeus Cafe

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