Thursday, October 19, 2017

"Band on the Run" featuring DJ Deff Ro

Crystal Ballroom - Ringlers Pub

9 p.m. 'til close


21 and over

About "Band on the Run"

"Band on the Run"

Every Thursday DJ Deff Ro lays down everything from hip hop to rock to soul to R&B to reggae. It's the moment that matters, and Deff Ro's there with just the right groove for it. 

No cover for these ... just bring your ID showing that you're over 21, and you're in...

About DJ Deff Ro

DJ Deff Ro

"My name's Roshawn A.KA. Deff - Ro and I've been deejaying for almost a decade. Music has been a big part of my life. I dance for the Portland Trail Blazers in a group called The Trail Breakers. I am a  B-Boy (break dancer) who transferred my knowledge and love for 90's music and current music into my sets. I tend to play R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, rock and anything that makes people feel good. I don't like to limit what I will put in a mix. I make sure to read the crowd and on occasion put on a show. Yes; I at times do some breaking if it's right during a set. Having fun is a big part of it for me and when I see others doing the same, it's a major encouragement for me to put on a show."