Friday, October 6, 2017

Unsung Heroes

About Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes

UNSUNG HEROES is a Portland-area acoustic duo that delights audiences with music that is both contemporary and timeless. Current and past pop and rock hits are offered in fresh new arrangements complete with beautiful harmonies that excite and soothe all ages and venues.

Described as "Stripped back, acoustic and groovy, with a repertoire spanning smooth jazz and soulful pop, right through to foot stomping rock and roll," Reviewer Melany Stuebe says, "There is an effortless, yet captivating feel to their music. The blend of their voices is absolutely magical".

Karin Calde is a versatile vocalist and entertainer. She charms and enthralls audiences with an extraordinary voice, soaring with power, passion, and playfulness.

At her side stands Dale Mayuiers, a seasoned guitarist who provides the perfect backdrop to the vibrant harmonies they share.

Together Karin and Dale have carefully chosen and crafted a selection of classic and current songs from a variety of genres.

UNSUNG HEROES has a history of providing high quality entertainment for all types of audiences and venues. They can be found throughout the Northwest performing at local and regional lounges, wineries, restaurants, and upscale coffee houses. Weddings and corporate events are also specialties for the pair.