Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dinner with the Distillers

About Dinner with the Distillers

Dinner with the Distillers


Amuse Bouche
Whiskey barrel aged Peach Cider
Grilled peach, prosciutto and pecorino crostini with small-batch apple cider vinegar gastrique

Drunken Prawn Cocktail
Gables Gin Cocktail
Grand Lodge house-fermented horseradish & fresh lemon

Ciderhouse Salad
Billy Wheat Whiskey
Glazed hazelnuts, endive, pancetta and featuring our Oregon State University cider-washed alpine cheese

Grilled Rosemary Lamb Lollichops
Billy Rye Whiskey
Billy Rye Whiskey demi-glaze & house-made colcannon tots 

Phil's Espresso Crème Brûlée 
Phils Nut Liqueur Cocktail 
Phil Hazelnut Liqueur and espresso custard with
caramelized sugar crust & Amarena cherry