Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Blasphemous Collaboration with Second Player Score

The Toads

The Shrike

7 p.m. doors, 8 p.m. show

$7 advance, $10 day of show

21 and over

Blasphemous Collaboration with Second Player Score

Blasphemous Collaboration with Second Player Score

Second Player Score is a power trio rock band playing music that spans everything from Driving Rock to Pop Punk with killer hooks, melodic vocals, powerful harmonies, and crushing rhythm. Drawing inspiration from 90's Era Green Day and Bad Religion, SPS brings a high energy rock show to every stage; drawing listeners in with a sound that is truly unique yet, at the same time, oddly familiar.

Prior to a show that Second Player Score played at a bar in downtown Vancouver, Washington, the bar's manager-possibly influenced by "Chosen One," a song off of SPS's debut album, Fortress Storm Attack-was asked by a patron to characterize the band's sound. His reply? "Like if Bad Religion wrote songs about video games." Would that be an accurate description?
"It could be," Brian Tashima, guitarist/vocalist, says with a chuckle. "But I think it goes a little deeper than that. We don't actually have songs-besides "Chosen One," of course-that contain specific references to video games per se, but pop culture as a whole is where a lot of our inspiration comes from, so I guess that description kind of captures the spirit of who we are as people in general."
Indeed, most of the material on Fortress Storm Attack and the band's newly-released sophomore album, Nobody's Hero, does not so much reflect a direct relationship to the topics adored by Comic-Con attendees (of which the band members proudly count themselves as being among) as they do a certain vibe and sensibility that can only come from people who have been steeped in that particular scene since childhood.

For example, while it never explicitly says so, the cover art of Fortress Storm Attack is a direct tribute to the "All your base are belong to us" Internet meme that grew out the 1989 video game Zero Wing. And now, with Nobody's Hero, the band returns with a quasi-concept album that tells the Dungeons & Dragons-esque story of a man, granted magical powers by an evil spirit, who ends up destroying the world.

"Basically, this guy gets seduced by a female demon who gives him these special abilities, and initially, he tries to help people with them, but then he eventually succumbs to the temptation of using them for selfish and corrupt purposes," Tashima explains. "Having done that, he becomes worthy of being her consort and siring her child-a daughter who will grow up to continue the cycle. The demon then betrays and abandons him, leaving him for dead. He survives, though, and uses what's left of his powers to stop her in the only way possible, which is to cause an apocalypse that wipes everyone out, including them. It's like a Greek tragedy."

Sounds fun. How did the band come up with such a story?

"It actually sort of wrote itself," drummer/vocalist Kyle Gilbert says. "We didn't set out to make a concept album, but as we were developing the songs, the story just appeared. That's how we tend to do things, for the most part-we don't plan it, we just go with the flow and take things as they come to us, whatever happens naturally, whatever feels right."

"We try to plan, but that usually never works out," bassist/vocalist Daniel Downs adds with a laugh.

The eleven songs on Nobody's Hero reflect a darker, heavier sound that still manages to retain the anthemic hooks and vocal harmonies that have become the band's signature. From the crunching riffs and beer bottle-slide solos of the opening track, "Bonestorm," to the ska-like verses that give way to an epic instrumental finish in the closer, "Comets," this album showcases the growth of a band that counts not only artists like Bad Religion and Green Day among its influences, but all of geek culture itself.



The Toads

The Toads

The Toads

(left to right)


Matt Dinaro: Bass, vocals

Dylan Valentine: Drums

Matt Kane: Guitar, vocals


The Toads are a three piece power pop trio based on Portland, OR. Ranging in tone from psychedelic to country to Beatles pop to punk to doom metal, primary songwriters Matt K. and Matt D. create catchy, humorous, harmonized tunes that stick in the ear, at turns snarky and sincere but always memorable, performed with high energy and high volume.


Transplants from Boston, singer-guitarist Matt K. and singer-bassist Matt D., joined originally by singer-drummer Mitch Gonzales (Jackson Boone, Snowblind Traveler) formed in the Spring of 2015 and quickly established themselves as a band addicted to live shows, with over 70 performances in Portland within their first two years as a band, plus a full length album, a three song EP, and three music videos showcasing their campy, antic comic style. This frenetic activity, along with their humor, chops, and rapid-fire live sets, have helped the Toads gain ever more visibility in the city's all ages garage rock underground.


2016 was a busy year for the Toads. They released their first full-length album and companion EP, plus two music videos. Their music has been featured on Tender Loving Empire's 9th annual "Friends and Friends of Friends" compilation, played at a Blazers game and on X-Ray FM, and written up on Next Northwest, The Deli Portland, Like You Said and other blogs. The Toads also performed a full live set for KPSU's Live Fridays in January.


Mitch Gonzales left the band for good in November 2016, after a final recording session, and the Matts brought Kings & Vagabonds drummer Dylan Valentine onto the throne. Already in 2017, the Toads have been in for a live interview/acoustic session on Portland Radio Project with Heather Hanson and won the Deli Portland's reader poll for best indie rock/post-punk artist of 2016--signs of greater recognition to come in what Matt D. has officially declared to be, once again, "The Year of the Toad."


The band released their first single of 2017, "Portland, OR" on April 6, with a six song EP, "Time", to follow on July 23. They embarked on their first tour in March, with Oregon shows in Salem, Corvallis, Ashland and Brookings, and they're planning a second tour, of Washington State, for September. In May, they appeared for an extended interview on the Haute Garbage Podcast. Whatever they do, the Toads maintain their mission of leading all to the Church of Rock N Roll, where they will preside for eternity over the altar. Praise be the Toads, Matt, Matt and Dylan, amen.


Photo by Heather Hanson






The Shrike

The Shrike

The Shrike is a Portland-based hard rock band that blends crunchy riffs with dark melodies to create a hard-rocking immersive sound.

Join Darren, Jamie Lynn, The Craw, and Roya as they bring you all the sonic delights you have come to expect from The Shrike.

We completed our second release at Opal Studio and our Chase the Sun EP is now available on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, and other fine internet outlets.

Check our Live page for tour dates in Fall 2017!





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