Monday, April 10, 2017

The Lasses

7 p.m. til 9:30 p.m.
21 and over

About The Lasses

Two Dutch girls met at an Irish session in Amsterdam and soon discovered their shared love of harmony singing and telling stories through music. They started to perform the songs they loved best, drawing from the Scottish folk tradition - where Sophie lived for a while - as well as from Irish musical heritage - which Margot knew like the back of her hand, after years of busking with her harp-playing husband.

The snug fit of their voices was not lost on the public and The Lasses have tackled many cafés, concert halls, festivals and churches in the last two years with their enchanting folk repertoire. In 2014, they ventured as far as the West coast of Ireland where they were invited by Luka Bloom. Each Lass plays guitar as well as bodhrán but their voices are instantly recognizable: Margot is the husky alto and Sophie the emotive soprano. This year, they hope to enthrall an audience even further west than Ireland: you!

This spring tour will see the release of The Lasses' second album, Daughters, containing a selection of songs about perky girls who might have done better if they had listened to their parents. On this album, Sophie and Margot perform some songs that are more traditional to the United States, as well as stories from Ireland, Scotland and England. The girls pick their songs by gut feeling - if the song feels like home, if a story rings true in their own heart, there really is no other choice but to start singing it.
With their unique harmony singing and their charming style, their performance should not be missed.