Friday, April 14, 2017

Ordnance Can Release Party

Bloops Blueberry Wheat

6 p.m. 'til 8 p.m.
All ages welcome | 21+ to drink

About Ordnance Can Release Party

Ordnance Brewing is releasing cans of their EOD IPA and Bloops Blueberry Wheat into the wilds of Oregon. Come grab an Ordnance can for here, or six to go.

About Ordnance Brewing
We're brewing beer for people; not fads, not trends, not corporate initiatives. For people, and because of this you can trust and count on our beer every time you pick up a bottle or draw a pint. Handcrafted from top quality ingredients, creativity and a desire to provide you with a delicious pint every time. We strive to produce distinct, honest beer in diverse styles that goes beyond being merely enjoyable to being damn enjoyable.


About Bloops Blueberry Wheat

Brewed with blueberries from our local farms, Bloops is a balanced Wheat Beer with just enough blueberry aroma and flavor to provide something delicious without being sweet and overly fruity. This is such a popular beer that is now avaialble all year long.

Malt: PNW White Wheat, PNW Pale Ale, Dextrapils, Caramel Wheat
Hops: Nugget, Cascade
ABV: 4.60% IBU: 21


Our take on a West Coast IPA. Crafted with generous additions of classic hops, including Mt. Hood and Columbus, at every step in the brewing process. While the hops are hard to miss, it is full of flavor, ranging from a light fruity sweetness to rich floral tones. Add in a higher ABV and this is a hop bomb for sure.

Malt: PNW Pale Ale, PNW White Wheat, Aromatic
Hops: Santiam, Nugget, Columbus, Mt. Hood, Cascade
ABV: 7.80% IBU: 80