Friday, March 31, 2017

Cascade Brewing Showcase

6 p.m. 'til 8 p.m.
All ages welcome | 21+ to drink

About Cascade Brewing Showcase

Do you like sour beers? Then circle March 31st on your calendar. Cascade Brewing is coming to Northwest Portland and the tap list is amazing: Gose 2014, Elderberry 2015, Cosmo Sour 2015 and Triple Beam.

Gose 2014
A refreshing tribute to an obscure 16th century German beer style, our Gose 2014 features sour wheat ales made with sea salt and coriander and aged for up to six months. Dry and crisp, the Gose offers soft grassy wheat flavors with hints of lemon, a subtle salt brine, brisk lactic acidity and touch of coriander spice.

Elderberry 2015
This Northwest sour ale is a blend of red ales aged in red wine barrels for up to 25 months with dried elderberries. One of our most complex offerings, Elderberry captures flavors of dried dark fruits, red wine, leather, chocolate, earth and plum.
ABV: 7.00%

Cosmo Sour
A playful variation on the classic Cosmopolitan cocktail, Cosmo Sour is one of the most recent additions to our cocktail series of sour beers! Cosmo Sour features sour wheat and blond ales aged for 14 months in oak wine barrels with cranberries and fresh lime zest.
ABV: 6.80%

Triple Beam
Our Belgian-style triple spent five months in a Jim Beam barrel where it had a crash course in Kentucky bourbon. Bourbon, oak and vanilla are all present in the aroma and flavor. A smooth and quaffable beer, just be sure to watch your balance.
ABV: 9.20% IBU: 10