Saturday, March 18, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Continues

All day
Free admission
All ages welcome

About St. Patrick’s Day Across the Land

Irish or not, you're invited to join in our celebration!


Food specials including Irish Stout, Irish Coffee, Irish Reuben and Irish Stew

Live Music

Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats - 7 p.m. 'til 8 p.m.

Hillstomp - 8:30 p.m. 'til 10 p.m. 

Event Schedule


8:30 p.m. 'til 10 p.m.


Drawing heavily from North Mississippi trance blues, a bit from Appalachia and taking their unstoppable energy from rockabilly, this Portland duo balances a makeshift drumkit of buckets, cans and BBQ lids with some rambunctious slide guitar. Think old timey blues filtered through hops and the Ramones!

Whether arranging traditionals, classics, or deceptively stark original songs, Hillstomp has duct-taped together a distinctive sound that has quickly made them favorites up and down the West coast. Their third and latest release, After Two But Before Five, is a live album, showcasing the electricity of a Hillstomp peformance while introducing new songs in their growing reportoire of "Bucket ‘n Slide Rock ‘n Roll."

"Even for blues nuts, Hillstomp doesn't sound like anything that's come before it. While Johnson bangs out clanking beats on his modified kit.... Kammerer slips and slides around his guitar like a kid on a waterslide. Melodies zip and splash about. Mammoth grooves seemingly appear out of nowhere. It's all primitive and natural, like it sprung up from the ground." - Jeff Inman, Las Vegas City Life


Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats

7 p.m. 'til 8 p.m.

Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats

Progressive PsychoBilly Folk Grass. What is it? It's a goat chewing on a can, it's a cat scratching at your door, its foot stomping music that makes you want to drink a beer and eat a biscuit. It's music that makes you jump up and down, and wake up humming in the morning. It's tunes that stick in your bones like peach cobbler. It's new timey, post retro, pre apocolyptic, south appalachian, gypsy folk rock.