Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Beer Tasting

Savor in Salem

Roads End CDA

Thompson Brewery & Public House

5 p.m. 'til 7 p.m.

All ages welcome | 21 and over to drink

About Savor in Salem

Savor in Salem

The trip to Thompson Brewery & Public House is just that. It remains the longest-running post-Prohibition brewpub in Salem and Head Brewer Jen Kent makes the libations the regulars live for. There is no particular style she enjoys making most; her favorite recipe is a new recipe. She adores the art and spirit involved in brewing. So head over to pick her brain and enjoy the creative fruits of her labor. Enjoy this one time offering because when it's gone, it will be no more.

Note: Beers poured at this tasting event qualify for happy hour pricing.

This event is an Official Limited Edition Beer Tasting! You can obtain an experience stamp, getting you one step closer to a $20 gift card, if you've purchased the Passport Insert that allows for additional experience stamps.

About Roads End CDA

He'd been coming to our pub for 25 years. Swinging the door open with his own unique style, briefcase in hand and always a good morning with a nod of the head. It took me months to understand his heavy Czech accent, though his quick "Ha" of laughter was easily identifiable. We lost him suddenly. One day he was here, the next he wasn't. On this day, his son Jakub was at home brewing. In his honor, we present this CDA that flamed off just as Jindrich left us. Don't let the dark body of this ale fool you. This medium-bodied CDA is highly drinkable and balanced. We aren't overwhelming you with a bitter profile but more of a balanced hop profile, full of big bodied aroma and flavor. The Black Wheat helps darken the body without adding big roast or coffee notes, but rather a fuller body on the palate. So many memories and stories.
Malts: Premium Pale, Crystal 15, Briess Midnight Wheat
Hops: Chinook, Citra, Amarillo, Falconers Flight
OG: 1.066 TG: 1.014 ABV: 6.71 IBU: 55 SRM: 33