Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Overboard Ale Series

Melee SMaSH Pale Ale
Beer Tasting

4 p.m. 'til 6 p.m.
All ages welcome | 21 and over to drink

About Overboard Ale Series

As McMenamin's first brewpub in Washington, this location boasts a beautiful environment wrapped up in a blanket of history. Go see Head Brewer Jesse Grover, who is happy to answer all of your inquiries and give you a peek into the window lined brewery where he guides the paddle. Enjoy this one time offering because when it's gone, it will be no more.

This event is an Official Limited Edition Beer Tasting! You can obtain an experience stamp, getting you one step closer to a $20 gift card, if you've purchased the Passport Insert that allows for additional experience stamps.

About Melee SMaSH Pale Ale

The fight between one malt and one hop has begun. SMaSH stands for single malt and single hop. This is a test batch to see what the Vienna Malt will taste like alone with the addition of the Meridian Hops. The Vienna Malt adds more sweetness and a fuller mouthfeel than other base malts. The Meridian Hops create a lot of fruit flavor with a slightly citrusy aroma. Enjoy this melee between the two and reap the benefits.
Malts: Vienna
Hops: Meridian
OG: 1.052 TG: 1.008 ABV: 5.68 IBU: 34 SRM: 5