Monday, January 30, 2017

Global Folk Club

Chris Stewart
Lauren Sheehan
PubSing with Hugo Glanville & Dick Lewis

7 p.m.
21 and over

About Global Folk Club

Global Folk Club is a unique showcase of amazing talent from the near and far flung corners of the globe. Andrea Wild created Global Folk Club based on the folk clubs she grew up with in Northern England. In keeping with folk club tradition, the finale of each event is the English Pub Sing where everyone lends a voice to drinking songs, ballads and boisterous belters which celebrate all the seasons. Global Folk Club is now in its third year running and has amassed a following of regulars who enjoy diverse top notch musicianship and revel in the pub sing.

Andrea Wild's Global Folk Club is in its third year running and is very pleased to offer the discerning listener Best of Global Folk Club. From the near and far flung corners of the globe comes this showcase of amazing talent sure to keep you on the edge of your seats.

About Lauren Sheehan

Lauren Sheehan

Sheehan is a charismatic songster, an interpreter of songs learned from some of America's greatest folk and blues artists. Her voice slides through old lyrics like clear water through a smooth creek bed, and her performances are memorable for the authentic range of her material: from unaccompanied ballads, to boozy Memphis blues, to old time banjo tunes, to old country songs and eclectic modern folk. She is a musical shape shifter, in one song making the willow weep and in another making the werewolf howl.




About PubSing with Hugo Glanville & Dick Lewis

Experience authentic English pub singing with guidance from the pros. These fine fellows are well versed in songs about drinking and well practised at drinking while signing. Join in and feel part of the culture. Cheers!