Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bees In A Bottle

Pat Kearns (of Blue Skies for Black Hearts)

8 p.m.
21 and over

About Bees In A Bottle

Bees In A Bottle is the introspective, guitar-based indie music of Christine and Chad McAllister. Working with Grammy award-winning producer/engineer Glenn Barratt, the band has two studio releases, and a third on the way. Crystal vocals, dreamy guitars and beautiful lyrics are the center of their unique sound. Bees In A Bottle is excited to perform this show as a full band, joined by the members of the incredible Portland trio, The Groovebirds (

"It's the honesty and genuine feel...this demonstration of pure heart on display that makes this a great band and a force to be reckoned with." - (Jeremy Gladstone, SBS Music Review)
"I've always been drawn to introspective music. This band definitely fits [that], with a dreamy guitar-based sound that reminds me of the great indie band Trespassers William. I could listen to this sort of thing all day." - (, '10 Indie Music Artist Worth Paying For')

About Pat Kearns (of Blue Skies for Black Hearts)

Pat Kearns (of Blue Skies for Black Hearts)

Pat Kearns made his first mark on the music map producing and engineering The Exploding Hearts' punk rock masterpiece, Guitar Romantic. He has continued to excel as a producer and engineer all the while maintaining his own pop rock outfit, Blue Skies For Black Hearts. Pat released his first official solo album November of 2016. Titled So Long City, the album documents the changing landscape of Portland, OR, Pat's love of the open road and his love for the Mojave Desert.