Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Transcendental Brass Band

7 p.m. 'til 9 p.m.
All ages welcome

About Transcendental Brass Band

The Transcendental Brass Band is a west-coast take on the classic New Orleans Tradition: funky street bands for processions, parties, and parades. A rhythm section of tuba, drum line, and guitar form the funereal pyre, ignited by the incandescent holy trinity horn section of trumpet, trombone, and saxophone.

Although the fiery, consummately danceable result is the group's trademark, these flexible, trained professionals have sufficient depth and fluency to encompass many musical genres, from jazz to heavy metal, all the way to the most tender ballad. This, and the eclectic mixture of songs, from the Beatles to Mingus, has a wide, multigenerational appeal.

Check 'em out for yourself in these fan-made videos:



"A touch of funk, a smidge of jazz, and some sprinklings of ska, hip-hop and freeform pop...Make sure your dancing shoes are broken in for this show." --The Oregonian

"In New Orleans, the Transcendental Brass Band could well be spotted on any given corner as street musicians- seven dudes blowing the kind of crazy, funked-out sound that provides the perfect soundtrack for swilling bourbon in the Big Easy. In Portland, they let 'em inside. Transcendental's sound harks back to the glory days of brass bands while providing funkadelic basslines to get asses shaking. It's a timeless sound, revamped into the present with an immediacy that makes it fresh as a steaming po' boy." -Willamette Week

http:// www.myspace.com/transcendentalbrassband