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Golf course clubhouse and remarkable pub

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The Edgefield Distillery Bar sits under the same roof as the Distillery, on the property's southern border, in what was once a potato-shed-turned-horse-stables. With antique windows, a handsome back bar, intriguing pipe sculptures and a cozy woodstove, the Distillery Bar is a favorite gathering spot at Edgefield.

Boasting a series of etched glass windows that once adorned The White Horse Inn and Bellman's Cross Inn – fine old English taverns – the front and back bars also have a story to tell: The back bar dates to Prohibition times and the front bar is a newly fashioned piece from a proud alder tree that graced the property before becoming victim to an ice storm.

Bar offerings are highlighted by Manhattans, Martinis, Rob Roys and other classic cocktails made with fresh-squeezed juices. As its name implies, the Distillery Bar also offers its own liquors – handcrafted brandies, whiskey and gin – from the adjacent Edgefield Distillery. Have a look at the 12-foot-high, gleaming copper-and-stainless-steel still situated behind a wall of glass, which resembles a hybrid of a 19th-century diving suit and an oversized coffee urn. 

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