Monday - Thursday, 3 pm – 10 pm
Friday & Saturday, 11 am – midnight
Sunday, 11 am - 10 pm
Happy Hour served 2 pm – 5 pm
*Open until Midnight on all Crystal Ballroom show nights*

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About Ringlers Pub

Namesake of good-times, law-dodging, dance hall owner Montrose Ringler, this pub relived a slice of history a hundred years after first opening: Montrose Ringler’s Crystal Ballroom was shut down by the well-meaning, but stern, Lola Baldwin in the 1920s, only to reemerge as a different kind of dance hall, then later as a venue spotlighting the likes of James Brown, Marvin Gaye, the Grateful Dead and Buffalo Springfield. In 2020-21 we had a shutdown of a different sort, but Ringlers Pub’s phoenix-like return didn’t feel so different.
This place of pinball, pool games, great meals, handcrafted beverages and spirited conversations sprang back, just as it did post-Lola. Anchored by a spectacular mosaic-tiled bar, Ringlers, located at street level below the Crystal Ballroom, was opened by the McMenamins brothers in 1997 after years as an auto dealership, then glass company. Ringlers is known for its extensive whiskey selection: more than 160 from around the world, and growing. It’s a great downtown spot to stop for a whiskey, ale or cocktail.

Ringlers Pub is also the home of the Cosmic Tripster Clubhouse, a place to gather and enjoy additional Tripster perks. Learn more.


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The Crystal Ballroom's renowned dance floor, which floats three stories above West Burnside, has been a grand stage for music, dancing and personalities which helped define an era — several of them, in fact. But the true essence of this extraordinary place is a tangle of first loves, police raids, hallucinogenic visions, and passion-filled performances....

From old-time dances to Gypsy parties to psychedelic raves, Ringlers and the Crystal Ballroom have seen it all. Read more....

Cosmic Tripster Clubhouse

Cosmic Tripster Clubhouse

Ringlers is now the home of the Cosmic Tripster Clubhouse, a place for Tripsters to gather and enjoy some of the perks of Tripsterhood, including access to Edgefield library wines by the bottle, special whiskeys, a Clubhouse stamp and a Tripster-only menu.

Curious about Cosmic Tripsters and how to become one? Check out our Passport program to learn more.
Cosmic Steins, Golden Chalices and Tiki Travelers: A Sneak Peek at the Tripster Clubhouse Menu
The menu is secret (Tripsters only!) but we’re willing to leak a little intel for you Tripsters to-be. On the Clubhouse menu you’ll find special pricing, specialty cocktails, Atomic Tots and much more. Just remember to bring your keychain or completed Passport to unlock all the Clubhouse perks.

Sports on the Big Screen

Drinks, tots, TIMBERS! Our pub is your stadium – we’re showing Timbers games on the big screen. Join us for a pitcher, a bite, and a cheer for our favorite team.

Calling all Mariners fans! We're showing Mariners' games on the big screen, so sail over to our pub to follow all the action. Grab a pint and some tots, and catch every swing, slide and sensational play this season!